Who was the green goblin trolling the Emmys 2024 red carpet?

A mysterious green goblin turned heads on the 2024 Emmys red carpet, leaving viewers wondering who was beneath the lifelike prosthetics.

The puzzling creature, who donned a strapless green halterneck dress by Bryn Costume, turned out to be “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Princess Poppy from Season 15.

The reality star strutted down the red carpet at the Peacock Theater at L.A. Live in Los Angeles Monday, hoping to turn viewers’ heads and have them look her way “in the worst way possible,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Here’s everything to know about her unique look.

A green goblin showed up on the 2024 Emmys red carpet. Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

What did she wear?

The mysterious creature turned out to be Princess Poppy. poppyprincesspoppy/Instagram

Princess Poppy’s bright green gown featured a high-low skirt, revealing her fully-body green paint and matching kitten heels.

The dress also featured a dramatic train, which matched her eclectic handbag adorned with creepy doll heads.

The drag queen, 26, completed the ensemble with a green beaded necklace and matching earrings. However, the real show-stopper was her full face of lifelike goblin prosthetics, complete with pointy ears and gray hair.

Who was she inspired by?

She certainly achieved her goal of turning heads at the prestigious ceremony. poppyprincesspoppy/Instagram

Princess Poppy was inspired by several iconic characters in pop culture.

She told EW that her look featured references to Jabba the Hutt from “Star Wars,” Roz from “Monsters, Inc.,” and a witch from the 1985 Tom Cruise film “Legend.”

“Mainly I wanted to be a troll-slash-hag. I wanted to be so shocking that you just have to turn and look at me,” she explained.

Why did she dress as a green goblin?

“I wanted to be a troll, to literally and figuratively troll the Emmys,” she said. poppyprincesspoppy/Instagram
She was spotted on stage when “Drag Race” took home the top reality prize. Getty Images

“I wanted to do the exact opposite of what is expected of you when you go to an event like this. I wanted to take decorum and turn it on its head,” Poppy told EW while on the red carpet.

She reiterated her message while speaking to the Los Angeles Times inside the ceremony.

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“I wanted to be a troll, to literally and figuratively troll the Emmys,” she explained. “The whole purpose of doing this is a way to showcase that the rules of fashion, and rules of beauty and bulls–t, I think it’s more beautiful to show up like this than to show up how you normally would at an awards show.”

Did she win any awards?

The “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star appeared on Season 15. Getty Images

Poppy, who appeared in Season 15 of “Drag Race” last year, joined her co-stars on stage when RuPaul accepted the award for Outstanding Reality Competition Program.

The famed TV personality, who is the most decorated black artist in Emmys history, issued a call to action during his acceptance speech.

“If a drag queen wants to read you a story at a library, listen to her because knowledge is power, and if someone tries to restrict your access to power, they are trying to scare you. So listen to a drag queen,” he said.

As for Poppy, she hasn’t embraced her celebrity status, telling Entertainment Weekly’s “Quick Drag” podcast last year that she wants to “fall off the face of the planet.”

“I don’t want to be famous, I want to fade into obscurity,” she said at the time.