Travis Kelce reveals the real inspiration behind his Cheesecake Factory-approved pre-game outfit

Travis Kelce is embracing the memes.

The football player discussed his busy weekend on the latest episode of his “New Heights” podcast with brother Jason Kelce on Wednesday, breaking down the Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff victory over the Buffalo Bills.

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of the gameplay, however, the 34-year-old tight end addressed the polarizing yellow Teddy Vonranson suit and colorful striped shirt he wore for his arrival at Highmark Stadium.

“You like that Cheesecake Factory bag?” Travis asked his brother, referring to the many memes that compared his outfit to the restaurant chain’s to-go bags.

The Cheesecake Factory even tweeted about the resemblance, calling Travis a “fashion icon.”

Jason had his own ideas, saying, “I got more vibes that this was a Wes Anderson style. The beanie and everything kind of looked like it came out of ‘Life Aquatic.’”

He wore a custom yellow Teddy Vonranson suit with a striped shirt fans compared to a Cheesecake Factory bag.
Brother Jason Kelce thought the tight end belonged in a Wes Anderson film. Selhurst Park Pix /London Entertainment /

The Philadelphia Eagles player, 36, had shared the same sentiment on social media earlier, tweeting that his brother “looks like he’s auditioning for a new Wes Anderson film.”

“That’d be pretty electric,” Travis responded, adding, “This is my pitch to get on a Wes Anderson film — I could fit right in, Wes. Just gimme the lines, baby.”

Along with his striped turtleneck — which fans also compared to a vintage sweater girlfriend Taylor Swift wore in her “Anti-Hero” music video — the two-time Super Bowl champion chose a custom suit he said “fit like a glove, baby.”

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“I matched it with this shirt and hat and boot combo that I had just layin’ around, you know,” he joked. “I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that we were going into Buffalo [in] business attire. This is about as business as I get right here.”

Even the Cheesecake Factory got in on the joke, tweeting about the comparison and calling Kelce a “fashion icon.” Cheesecake Factory
Travis’ friends and family got rowdy during and after the game. aricjones/Instagram
It’s unclear what girlfriend Taylor Swift thought of his pre-game look, but fans compared it to a vintage sweater she sported in her “Anti-Hero” music video. Todd Leabo / X

Indeed, the “Catching Kelce” star got down to business, catching two touchdown passes during the playoff game and helping lead the Chiefs to victory — and keep the team in the running for next month’s Super Bowl.

However, there were certainly some shenanigans happening on the sidelines, thanks to Jason’s shirtless celebrations that shocked and delighted Swift as well as the Eagles pro’s 2-year-old daughter and wife, Kylie.

According to Travis, the “Bejeweled” singer “absolutely loved” meeting Jason and Kylie for the first time, and Travis “wasn’t surprised” that his brother — whom fans have fondly dubbed “sexy Batman” — went all out in the stands.

If Wes Anderson doesn’t come calling for Travis, perhaps a Cheesecake Factory partnership is in the cards.