Travis Kelce reveals nickname for Taylor Swift’s dad, Scott, in sweet shout-out

It seems Travis Kelce is doling out nicknames for the entire Swift family.

During Wednesday’s episode of his and Jason Kelce’s “New Heights” podcast, the Kansas City Chiefs player revealed the moniker he has given to his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, while discussing how the pop star knew coach Andy Reid before he did.

“Obviously, we’ve already talked about how how they kind of know each other from the Philly days,” Travis shared.

“Scott Swift — shout-out to to Big Scott. Him and Andy are good friends.”

The tight end, who met Scott before Taylor’s Argentina concert in November, revealed he didn’t actually see the moment Reid showed “a little love” to the singer when the duo pointed at each other from afar during this Sunday’s game.

The tight end refers to Mr. Swift as “Big Scott.” Getty Images
Travis met Scott before the pop star’s concert in Argentina and since has invited him to football games. shannenmoen/TikTok

“I was up on the stage screaming ‘Fight for Your Right,’ but yeah, that was a cool one,” Travis explained of the interaction.

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The NFL star, 34, previously let it be known that he has two nicknames for the “Cruel Summer” singer, also 34: Tay and sweetie. Taylor, meanwhile, lovingly calls him Trav.

The nickname came up as Travis was discussing how the “Cruel Summer” singer knew his coach, Andy Reid. Getty Images for CMT

The athlete also said Wednesday that the Chiefs winning the AFC Championship felt “a bit sweeter” because his “whole family,” including Taylor, was on the field celebrating with him and his teammates.

“This one meant a lot, man” he shared. “It meant a lot because of the guys we had and how we persevered through a lot of the things we weren’t doing during the season. It just felt that much better with those guys.

“We got a special group. That’s why this one feels so much better.”

The NFL star revealed he didn’t see the moment Taylor and Reid pointed at each other. @JeffDarlington / X

The Chiefs will face off against the San Francisco 49ers at the 2024 Super Bowl next month.

Although Taylor has a performance in Tokyo the day before, the substantial time difference makes it possible for her to attend the big game.

“It’s a brutal flight, but she’ll get on her plane right after the concert,” an insider told Page Six.