Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s ‘TNT’ bracelets sparked mad dash during ‘Christmas rush’: ‘We delivered’

They made the friendship bracelets; now, they’re taking the moment and tasting it.

Wove CEO Simone Kendle tells Page Six Style that Travis Kelce placed a special order for a duo of matching “TNT” bracelets for himself and girlfriend Taylor Swift “a few days before Christmas,” and that her company worked around the clock to make magic happen.

“We created what usually takes three weeks — a couple of bracelets — in a matter of three days, and during the Christmas rush,” Kendle says. “Our team was all over the place trying to make it happen. But we did — we delivered.”

That hustle paid off; about a month later, Swift embraced Kelce on camera after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens to advance to the Super Bowl, giving the whole world a glimpse at her bespoke bauble.

“I think it’s a nod to them,” Wove’s lead jewelry consultant, Kendall Junck, tells us of the three letters Kelce chose to add to both bracelets, quipping, “They’re such a dynamite couple.”

Taylor Swift debuted her “TNT” bracelet while embracing Travis Kelce after his team’s big win on Sunday. Kendle tells us her team “had been watching every single Chiefs game since [Christmas]” hoping to catch a glimpse of the custom piece. Getty Images
Both bracelets are made from 14-karat gold; Swift’s includes approximately 4.5 carats of diamonds, while Kelce’s “much bigger” version has over 10 carats. “We just upped the scale,” says Junck. Wove

Crafted from 14-karat yellow gold and studded with around 4.5 carats of lab-grown diamonds, Swift’s bracelet retails for $6,360 and is part of Wove’s collaboration with Michelle Wie West. And from the moment it launched, the pro golfer hoped to somehow get the piece onto the Grammy winner’s wrist.

“We were launching the Michelle Wie West collection back in November. Michelle and I were talking about the bracelet, and we were seeing it in person for the first time together, and she was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, what if we could get Taylor to have this bracelet? Because I’m friends with Travis,’” Kendle recalls.

“And so she reached out to Travis, showed him that, hey, look, we have this really cool bracelet, and he said he would give it to her.”

Part of Wove’s collaboration with Michelle Wie West, each bracelet includes a smiley-face tag with the pro golfer’s initials. Wove
Kelce first expressed interest in potentially gifting Swift a bracelet in November, when his friend West launched her line.

While the actual order didn’t come until right before the holidays, it’s fitting that Kelce would pick a personalized friendship bracelet as a way to express his love; after all, the NFL great famously tried (and failed) to give Swift a version beaded with his phone number during her Eras Tour stop in Kansas City in July.

“And now, they’re together and [wearing] diamond bracelets made with the same beads,” Junck says. “It truly is full circle.”

Adding to the “iconic” factor of the moment, she notes, is the fact that Swift helped inspire the design even before Kelce came calling.

Swift’s previously worn friendship bracelets featuring Kelce’s nickname and jersey number. Getty Images
Inspired by a lyric from Swift’s song “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” fans have been trading friendship bracelets en masse at the Eras Tour. REUTERS

“Our inspo board was all different photos of bracelets I swapped on the subway to and from the Pittsburgh show, bracelets that [Michelle and her] daughter have made for fun at home. The friendship bracelet idea was very much inspired by the Eras Tour and by Taylor. So I think that’s why it was such a great match for Travis,” Junck explains.

It’s also proven to be a great match for many other Swifties; in a matter of just a few days, her bracelet has become Wove’s “full-blown hero product,” per Kendle.

“It has been incredible. Our followers have since doubled on our social platforms. We saw a 5,000 percent increase in website traffic. Sales are well into the six figures on this collection alone, and it’s growing daily. We’re super grateful for this moment,” she tells us.

When Swifties requested a more affordable version of the design, Wove dropped a sterling silver option with a paper clip-style chain. Wove

On Thursday night, Wove even dropped a “more accessible” version of the design with a sterling silver paper clip-style chain, which starts at $290.

“Our site was about to crash,” Kendle says of the ensuing demand for the lower-priced piece, a departure from the diamond dazzlers for which Wove is known. “Our real bread and butter has always been engagement rings!”

Speaking of which, should Kelce commission a custom sparkler from the company before popping the question, Junck has some ideas about what she’d create.

Kelce’s been dating Swift since last summer. AP

“I could see her being a yellow gold girl, so probably something yellow gold. One hundred percent something bespoke; she’s not getting just the simple solitaire … I could see her [going for] something more vintage-inspired, maybe Art Deco-y. Some ornate details on the piece, but nothing gaudy. And there are so many different eras you could go off of.”

Kendle notes that Wove often makes engagement rings with “hidden stones,” suggesting, “She could have little gemstones for every era, in different colors.”

Adds Junck, “Something in there, secret and hidden — whether it’s an engraving or secret stones — would be a really sweet idea, because no photo would be able to get that. It’d be just for her.”

“We’re a small business out of Lancaster [Pennsylvania], and what we’ve seen is this rallying around us, being veteran-owned, woman-led, black-owned. So many groups of people — and Swifties — are just happy and excited for us. And I think that has been the most moving part,” Kendle says. Getty Images

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Ultimately, the jewelers are just overjoyed to have created a special moment for “one of the most iconic couples of our generation,” as Kendle puts it.

“Taylor and Travis are probably the most humble, normal celebrities out there … he just happens to be one of the greatest football players, and her one of the greatest singers. I think it’s just such an American hero story, and we’re so happy to be a part of it.”