‘Superbad’ to skincare influencer: Is Michael Cera the mastermind behind Cerave?

Could there be a new celebrity beauty mogul in town?

While Michael Cera is known for his funny-guy roles in movies like “Superbad” and “Barbie,” he’s not one for the influencer game, staying off social media altogether and rarely conducting interviews — until Thursday, when he claimed on the “Really Good Podcast” that he “has some skin in the game” with beloved skincare company Cerave.

The “Juno” star, 35, has been exhibiting some unusual behavior around New York City in recent weeks, handing out bottles of Cerave lotion to people on the street and even signing bottles of the stuff at Euro Chemist in Brooklyn, as spotted by one skinfluencer on Instagram.

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil — who happens to be a Cerave partner — headed to the New York pharmacy to film some content when she spotted Cera autographing bottle after bottle of the brand’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

Cera visited a Brooklyn pharmacy to sign bottles of Cerave. haleyybaylee/Instagram

Michael Cera Cerave bottle
He slapped his face on bottles of lotion and wrote “Michael” above “Cerave.” haleyybaylee/Instagram

Michael Cera
The actor was also spotted handing out products on the streets of NYC. Peter Yang

He even slapped stickers with his face on the packaging, writing “Michael” above the “Cera” lettering on the logo and turning to tell Kalil it was “a lovely cream” before heading out the door.

The model raised suspicions that Cera is involved with the brand when she captioned the post, “Guys run to this pharmacy in BK, I just saw MICHAEL CERA signing bottles!! I’m a #ceravepartner, and I’m asking @cerave what is going ON 😳😳😳.”

Podcaster Bobbi Althoff — who, coincidentally or not, is also a Cerave partner — sat down with the “Arrested Development” actor on Thursday to discuss his recent outings, and Cera didn’t exactly deny he had something brewing with the popular brand.

Michael Cera
He toted bags of Cerave down a NYC street in November. Peter Yang

“I’ve seen a lot of claims you’ve been making lately,” Althoff said, continuing that he said “he started it [Cerave].”

“I don’t claim that but if you look at my name, my name is Michael Cera. I just say look at the name,” he said, before teasing, “I like to just say I have some skin in the game. And I kind of leave it at that.”

“Some skin in the game? Is that literal?” she replied, asking Cera if he used the products in question.

Michael Cera
He sat down with the “Really Good Podcast” this week. bobbialthoff/TikTok

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“I do use Cerave. I think it’s a fine product and I think it’s very hydrating, there are three essential ceramides in it and uh, a series of nourishing lipids and I think it’s a fine product. But that’s as far as it goes, I mean, as far as what I’m willing to say,” Cera said, adding more fuel to the fire.

When Althoff asked why he knew so much about Cerave, the actor admitted, “I don’t know,” then added that he’d like to discuss other topics and not just “my prod— I mean, Cerave.”

Regardless of whether or not Cera’s the brains behind the brand, he’s clearly got good taste in skincare. Below, shop a few of our favorite products from Cerave, which boasts plenty of other famous fans including Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde and Emily Ratajkowski.

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