‘Southern Charm’ star Olivia Flowers admits to hooking up with Thomas Ravenel

Olivia Flowers revealed that she once hooked up with Thomas Ravenel during the explosive “Southern Charm” Season 9 reunion Thursday.

Flowers was arguing with ex-BFF Taylor Ann Green about her hookup with Austen Kroll when Green spilled that Flowers once had a tryst with Ravenel.

“Forgive as you would want to be forgiven,” she vaguely told Flowers as the rest of the cast and host Andy Cohen looked confused.

However, Flowers knew exactly what Green was alluding to, so she told her former friend, “Go ahead and say it. I already see what you’re trying to do.

“You’ve been hanging this over my head. I wanna see it. Say it. Say it.”

Cohen pressed Green on what she was implying before co-star Craig Conover blurted out, “Well, just say it now. I mean we’re here.”

Flowers’ former best friend, Taylor Ann Green, was the first to bring up Flowers’ past with Ravenel. Bravo
Flowers confirmed that she hooked up with Ravenel. Brianna Stello/Bravo

“The whole Thomas situation,” Green, 29, said while smiling.

The camera panned to several cast members who looked shocked by the news as Cohen clarified, “Thomas Ravenel?”

“Yeah,” Flowers, 31, replied. “I was fresh out of college, 20 years old, dumb drunken night, one time, had a hookup with T-Rav, and I wanted to take to my grave. Who wouldn’t?”

The rest of the “Southern Charm” cast looked stunned. Bravo
“I was fresh out of college, 20 years old, dumb drunken night, one time, had a hookup with T-Rav,” Flowers confessed. Bravo

Flowers then brought up last year’s reunion when co-star Madison LeCroy was the first to say she heard that Flowers hooked up with Ravenel, who is 30 years older than her and shares two kids with Flowers’ close friend and former co-star Kathryn Dennis.

At the time, Flowers vehemently denied that they ever dated and said they were just family friends. Green also stood up for her then-friend.

“Right afterwards, I sat down with Taylor, and I said, ‘I appreciate you taking up for me, but you should know something did happen, and she’s the only person I told on earth about that, and here you are sitting now trying to use it against me,” Flowers continued.

Flowers previously denied hooking up with Ravenel after Madison LeCroy (pictured here) made the claim last season. Bravo

Cohen appeared confused and asked why Flowers needed to be “forgiven” for hooking up with Ravenel over a decade ago.

“I mean, same situation,” Green argued. “Kathryn is a friend and confidant and you lied about it, so why didn’t you go to Kathryn and say I’m sorry?”

Flowers fired back that she didn’t even “know Kathryn then” and met her “after it happened.”

Green claimed she called out Flowers’ hookup because Ravenel used to date her friend, Kathryn Dennis. Bravo
Flowers denied even having met Dennis at the time she and Ravenel had their rendezvous. Bravo

“You told me it was five years ago after baby number two,” Green claimed.

Cohen asked Flowers whether Ravenel was dating Dennis at the time of their hookup, but Flowers said she did “not believe so,” so Cohen asked once again why the hookup was a “bad” thing.

“Because, she’s just been sitting there chomping at the bit to use it against me,” Flowers said of Green. “Not only have you proven yourself to be a s—t friend, you’re a s—t human, too.”

The episode ended with Flowers calling Green a “s-t human.” Bravo

Cohen then suggested the group take a break before Flowers walked off stage and hurled two expletives at Green.

Ravenel starred on “Southern Charm” from its premiere in 2014 until Season 5 in 2018 when he was fired after his 2018 arrest for second-degree assault and battery against his children’s former nanny.

He eventually pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and battery.

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The former Bravolebrity’s time on the hit show mostly centered around his tumultuous relationship with his now-ex-girlfriend, Dennis.

The two dated on-and-off since Season 1 before splitting in 2016 –– minus the occasional hookup.

Ravenel shares two children with Dennis. NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Dennis and Ravenel share two children together –– daughter Kensington “Kensie,” 8, and son St. Julien “Saint,” 6 –– and they’ve been fighting for custody for years.

In March 2021, Dennis temporarily lost custody and was only permitted supervised visitation with her two kids.

“Southern Charm” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.