‘RHOBH’ newcomer Annemarie Wiley’s husband Marcellus accused of 1994 rape in new lawsuit

The husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” newcomer Annemarie Wiley has been accused of rape in a new lawsuit.

A student who attended Columbia University at the same time as Marcellus Wiley nearly three decades ago sued him Tuesday in the New York Supreme Court under the Adult Survivors Act, alleging that he attacked her in the fall of 1994 when he was a sophomore and star football player.

According to the lawsuit, which was obtained by The Post, Marcellus allegedly forced himself on the woman in her freshman dorm room.

The woman alleged that Marcellus, 48, ignored her verbal objections and took her virginity, which she claimed later drove her to attempt suicide.

“[Wiley’s] actions were intentionally designed to cause plaintiff severe emotional distress or were taken with reckless disregard of the significant and/or substantial probability of causing plaintiff severe emotional distress,” her lawsuit states.

A student who attended Columbia University at the same time as Marcellus nearly three decades ago sued him Tuesday.

The woman — a professor and sociologist with a focus on race and culture — claimed she and Marcellus were friends when he invited himself to her dorm, allegedly telling her he wanted to eat dinner together and listen to music.

She allegedly told Marcellus she was a virgin and not interested in having sex with him, but she claimed he laughed in response and said, “Ain’t nobody tryna have sex with no virgin! Don’t worry, I got you. Just coming to hang out while I eat. I don’t even have condoms on me.”

However, the woman alleged that the 250-pound athlete almost immediately ripped off her clothes when he got there and “forced her facedown onto the mattress.”

Marcellus allegedly forced himself on the woman in her freshman dorm room in the fall of 1994.

She claimed she could barely breathe and feared for her life as Marcellus allegedly raped her multiple times.

According to her suit, she managed to get away from Marcellus, but he allegedly verbally threatened and physically yanked her back into bed for another round.

However, Marcellus denied her claims in a lengthy YouTube video shared Wednesday.

“If you’re a virgin, I am not going to be your first, because I am not looking at it with the same respect, esteem, honor that you should,” he slammed in the video.

“We did mess around, but no vaginal intercourse,” he added. However, later in the video, he confirmed they “did have sex.”

The woman alleged that Marcellus ignored her verbal objections and took her virginity.

He also accused her of “talking trash” and spreading lies to help her cope with the shame she felt for cheating on her boyfriend at the time with him.

“She felt ashamed to mess with me when she got caught. She didn’t feel ashamed inviting me over … she only felt shame when she knew there was no future with me,” he claimed.

In her lawsuit, the woman said she confided in a friend over the alleged attack and then reported it to a series of Columbia University administrators, all of whom allegedly displayed “fondness” for the then-NFL hopeful.

One of the administrators allegedly showed the woman’s victim statement to Marcellus, who “just disagreed that it’s rape.”

The woman claimed she reported the alleged attack to school administrators, all of whom allegedly displayed “fondness” for the then-NFL hopeful.

The woman also claimed that the administrator told her she had misunderstood the encounter because she was born in Africa and Marcellus was American, and “people from different cultures interpret things differently.”

Marcellus — who also claimed in his YouTube video that he would countersue for defamation — received minimal punishment; he was placed on academic probation and ordered to complete the spring 1995 semester from his home in Los Angeles. He then returned to the New York City campus and the team.

The woman and the friend who encouraged her to report the incident allegedly received harassing phone calls in the months that followed.

In the spring of 1996, the woman said she tried to end her life, after which she “was admitted to a locked hospital ward for two weeks before being released.”

In the spring of 1996, the woman said she attempted suicide.

She claimed she and Marcellus were later forced to share classes together.

The woman later became active in the university’s chapter of Take Back the Night — an organization that focuses on ending sexual, relationship and domestic violence — where she allegedly met other women who claimed they were raped by the same man.

Columbia was named in her lawsuit over allegations of negligence and reckless failure to protect its students from “sexual predators.”

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Reps for Marcellus and the university did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Marcellus and Annemarie, who wed in 2014, have not yet made their debut on “RHOBH” Season 13.
Emily Shur/Bravo

Marcellus went on to play in the NFL as a defensive end for 10 seasons with the Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars.

He married Annemarie, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, in 2014. They share three children in addition to Marcellus’ eldest from a previous relationship.

The Wileys have not yet made their debut on “RHOBH” Season 13, which is currently airing.

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-330-0226.