Nikki, Brie Garcia are confident ‘real man’ Travis Kelce throws Taylor Swift ‘around in the bedroom’

Nikki and Brie Garcia are “sure” Travis Kelce is throwing Taylor Swift “around in the bedroom.”

“She’s, like, so in love. It’s ’cause she finally has a real man, like how he grabs her and throws her around, like girl, yeah,’” Nikki said in a TikTok for Daily Mail before Brie cut in and clarified that they “specifically” meant in the bedroom.

“Well I’m sure he throws her around in the bedroom,” Nikki said. ”I mean, come on.”

The former WWE wrestlers, who dropped their Bella Twins name in light of leaving the organization, said that the “Anti-Hero” singer’s “strong energy” requires a “real man” that can “handle” her.

While the Garcia twins have nothing but praise for the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, “The View” co-host Joy Behar said last week that Swift, 33, should strive for more in her man after reading his resurfaced tweets from when he was 22.

“She’s, like, so in love. It’s ’cause she finally has a real man, like how he grabs her and throws her around,” Nikki shared.
The twins quipped that they both have experience with dating athletes.

“He’s illiterate,” Behar argued. “I’m a Swiftie. I love her because she’s getting young people out to vote so I don’t want her to be stuck with this idiot.”

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Kelce, 34, reacted to his “nonsense” old posts going viral on Wednesday’s “New Heights” podcast episode, admitting that he used Twitter as a “diary” back then.

Swift and Kelce made their romance public in September.
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“F–k. What’s hilarious is nobody followed me back then,” he told his brother, co-host Jason Kelce.

Travis, 34, admitted that he has “been trying to get all those tweets deleted since” he joined the NFL in 2013.

“Sure enough, it came surface level and everybody f–king dove into 2011,” he said. “What a f–king year that was. … What was I even f–king doing in some of these tweets?”

The couple have traveled back-and-forth to watch each other’s games and concerts.
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While Travis might be embarrassed by his digital footprint, Swifties have fallen even more in love with the “Catching Kelce” alum.

“This is such a funny wholesome thread lol he’s doing his best and I love it,” one Swiftie wrote via Twitter, while a second celebrated him for not writing “problematic thing[s].”

Swift, however, hasn’t addressed her beau’s tweets.