Kyle Richards’ workout staples include these ‘flattering’ under-$30 leggings

Kyle Richards is sweating in style.

Less than a month after telling Us Weekly she’s in the best shape of her life, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” OG hosted an Amazon Live to let viewers in on her workout secrets and gym must-haves.

“People are talking about it more, but I’ve worked out since I was 15 years old,” said the star, whose fitness journey made headlines throughout 2023.

And with 2024 now well underway, the longtime Bravoleb says she’s still being “really diligent” with her workouts — including adding more running to her routine.

“I just feel like running is where I’m seeing the most results with my body,” she said. “I’m really enjoying pushing myself seeing how much faster I can run.”

Before pounding the pavement, however, the star’s stocking up on her favorite workout items.

“We function better when we feel good about ourselves,” Richards said on the livestream Kyle Richards / Instagram

“I’ve really noticed that wearing something that makes you feel good when you’re working out makes your workout better,” she explained.

Below, shop a selection of the fitness finds she highlighted — from trusty trainers to deeply discounted leggings.

A model in a red sports bra and leggings

Red-y to kick-start your 2024 workouts? Richards said she prefers brightly colored sports bras like this “very, very cute” option.

 black leggings
The Gym People

When it comes to pants, the star prefers to go back to basics; she told viewers she’s found black leggings are “always the most flattering and forgiving.”

Power Crunch bars
Power Crunch

“I’ve been eating [them] for years … They are really delicious,” Richards raved of Power Crunch protein bars, which come in a variety of sweet flavors.

Resistance bands

Whether your workout goals include stretching or adding some resistance to your workout, Richards calls these bands “really important to add into your routine” — or to slip into your luggage for exercising on the go.

“If you don’t stretch, you’re going to end up injuring yourself … I don’t want to interrupt the good work I’ve been doing,” she added.

An Asics sneaker

When it comes time to pound the pavement, you can catch Richards lacing up her Asics — including this fresh pair she just ordered.

“Asics just are best for me for running, and they feel good on my feet,” she explained.

A foldable treadmill
Nordic Track

When she’s not putting in miles outside, the “Real Housewife” also loves working out at home; “I have to have a treadmill,” she said, explaining that she’s not always in an area that’s “conducive” to outdoor workouts.

A Pelton stationary bike

Richards is among the many stars taking Peloton’s “amazing” bikes and light weights ($25) for a spin.

“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love their Peloton,” she said.

A Bosu balance ball

The star is also (literally) on the ball when it comes to balancing exercises, as she shouted out this Bosu trainer.

“This is good for core, [and] I actually like to use it for stretching, too,” she told viewers.

A snapback hat
Goorin Bros.

The reality star also tipped her hat to Goorin Bros., which makes caps ranging from a green paisley “Black Sheep” option to — another of Richards’ personal favorites — a bold red “Goat” hat.

“Not all baseball caps are created equal and it has to look good on your head,” she said. “These fit your head really well and they come with different sayings and cute things on them.”

A pale blue Bala Bangle

Richards isn’t the only one strapping on these weighted bands, which she dubbed “great for home or travel.” The chic workout equipment has also found fans in Hailey Bieber, Reese Witherspoon and Ashley Graham (to name just a few).