Jessica Simpson pokes fun at her viral Chicken of the Sea mix-up in new ad with daughter Max

Jessica Simpson poked fun at her Chicken of the Sea mix-up from 20 years ago in a new ad for the tuna brand.

In the clip, Simpson and her look-alike daughter Maxwell “Maxi” Drew sat down on a couch while the singer ate from a packet of tuna.

“Mom, what are you eating in the packet,” the 11-year-old asked.

“It’s called Chicken of the Sea, but it’s not really chicken — it’s tuna,” the “Dukes of Hazzard” star, 43, responded. “So don’t get confused by it.”

Maxwell flashed a questionable look at her mom, inquiring, “Who would get confused by that?” 

“No one,” Simpson quickly quipped while looking slightly mortified. “Not your Mom.”

Jessica Simpson revisited her past in a new Chicken of the Sea advertisement alongside her daughter Maxwell “Maxi” Drew. YouTube/@chickenofthesea
In the ad, the pop star and her daughter were sitting on the couch when the 11-year-old asked what her mom was eating. YouTube/@chickenofthesea
“It’s called Chicken of the Sea, but it’s not really chicken — it’s tuna. So don’t get confused by it,” Simpson responded. YouTube/@chickenofthesea

The advertisement was inspired by a 2003 scene from Simpson and ex-husband Nick Lachey’s MTV reality show, “Newlyweds,” where she questioned what she was eating from a Chicken of the Sea can.

In the now-viral clip, the fashion designer and the “Love is Blind” host, now 50, were watching TV while eating dinner together when she asked, “Is this chicken what I have or is this fish?”

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“I know it’s tuna, but it says chicken by the sea,” Simpson said to her ex. “Is that stupid? What?”

A perplexed Lachey simply stared at his then-wife, telling her, “You act like you’ve never had tuna before.”

“Who would get confused by that?” the pre-teen quipped. YouTube/@chickenofthesea
The ad was inspired by a scene from the actress and Nick Lachey’s 2003 reality show, “Newlyweds.” MTV

He continued, “Chicken of the Sea is the brand. You know, ’cause a lot of people eat tuna, just like a lot of people eat chicken. Chicken of the Sea.”

“Oh, I understand now. I read it wrong,” she replied.

The show ran for three seasons before the couple divorced in 2006.

In the viral clip, Simpson questions why the fishy treat is called Chicken of the Sea if it’s actually tuna. MTV

Since then, Simpson has moved on with her now husband, Eric Johnson.

They tied the knot in 2014 and went on to welcome Maxwell, Ace, 10, and Birdie Mae, 4.

As for Nick, he married Vanessa Lachey in 2011 and they share sons Camden, 11, and Phoenix, 7, and daughter Brooklyn, 9.