Jamie Lee Curtis celebrates 25 years of being ‘clean and sober’ after struggling with opioid abuse

Jamie Lee Curtis proudly commemorated a major milestone in her sobriety journey.

“25 years clean and sober,” the Oscar-winning actress, 65, captioned via Instagram Saturday a black-and-white photo of herself holding up a silver ring with her initials and the words “Twenty Five” spelled out.

She added, “One day at a time. 9,125 of them.”

Curtis then continued, “What’s inside, as my old friend Adam sang, is a sense of calm, serenity, purpose and the greatest feeling that I am not alone.

“That many others share the same disease and solution.”

The “Freaky Friday” star concluded her message by offering words of encouragement to those “struggling with addiction and shame,” noting, “There are others out here who care.”

She then referenced her charity, whose proceeds go to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and said, “My hand in yours. Our hands in yours.”

Several praised Curtis for her major accomplishment, including Maria Shriver, who commented, “Bravo.”

Curtis was praised online for her honesty and accomplishments. Getty Images for dcp

Mary Steenburgen also chimed in, “You are inspiring in so many ways,Jamie. Thank you for the gift of sharing your well earned 25 chip. ❤️❤️”

Curtis has been very open about her history with opioid abuse and revealed to Variety in 2019 that she first got addicted after she underwent routine plastic surgery to remove puffiness from her eyes.

“They gave me Vicodin as a painkiller for something that wasn’t really painful,” she said at the time.

Curtis previously shared she got addicted to opioids after getting plastic surgery. Getty Images

Curtis told the publication she kept her addiction a secret for some time and was able to work in spite of it, but ultimately decided to seek treatment after reading an article in Esquire about writer Tom Chiarella’s addiction to painkillers titled, “Vicodin, My Vicodin.”

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However, the “True Lies” star said, “I was just terrified that someone in the recovery community was going to betray my trust.

“But it is my experience that that doesn’t really happen and that my fear was unfounded.”

Curtis admitted last year that had she not gotten help when she did — and fentanyl was readily available like it is in present day — she would have ended up dead.

The Oscar winner has said she considers herself “incredibly lucky” to have not ended up in prison or dead. Getty Images

“I was an opiate addict, and I liked to get opiate buzz,” the “Halloween Kills” star explained on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in July 2023.

“And if fentanyl was available, as easily available, as it is today on the street, I’d be dead.”

Curtis said she considered herself “incredibly lucky” to have not ended up down that path or in prison, recognizing, “I was headed there.”