Gypsy Rose Blanchard denied ‘dream’ of meeting Taylor Swift at Chiefs game after prison release

It looks like Gypsy Rose Blanchard is going to have to wait to meet Taylor Swift like the rest of us.

Blanchard, who was freed from prison Thursday after serving more than seven years for the second-degree murder of her mother, Clauddinnea “Dee Dee” Blanchard, is a huge fan of Swift and reportedly had her eyes set on attending this weekend’s Kansas City Chiefs game with the hope of meeting her.

However, TMZ reported that Gypsy, 32, and her husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, have been told to get out of Missouri, where she was locked up at the Chillicothe Correctional Center prison.

It’s not yet clear why they aren’t welcome in the state, but TMZ hypothesized that local law enforcement would like her elsewhere because of the “security risks” her presence may bring to the Kansas City area.

The ex-con, who was released from prison Thursday, told TMZ that she and her husband have Chiefs tickets and that she hopes to meet her idol Taylor Swift there. AP
She also said the Grammy winner’s song, “Eyes Wide Open,” helped her deal with the trauma from the abuse she endured at the hands of her late mother. AP

Gypsy is originally from Louisiana.

Following her release, she stayed in a downtown Kansas City hotel, where her family threw her a welcome home party.

She made several public appearances during her time in the city and did not shy away from talking to the paparazzi and posing for photographs with fans.

However, TMZ reported Saturday that law enforcement has asked Blanchard to leave the state of Missouri. Getty Images

Although Gypsy told TMZ she had already purchased Chiefs tickets weeks in advance, the outlet has since learned she understands why she’s being asked to leave — even if she’s bummed about it.

While speaking to the outlet earlier this week, she described the 12-time Grammy winner as a “kick-ass chick” and credited her song, “Eyes Wide Open,” with helping her cope with the trauma she endured as a child at the hands of her mother.

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There was no clear reason given why, although TMZ hypothesized that Blanchard is a security risk. MDC/MEGA

She even said she used her commissary money to buy the nine Swift albums that came out while she was behind bars.

Gypsy served less than eight years of the 10-year sentence she was hit with in 2016 after she pleaded guilty to playing a role in the June 2015 stabbing death of her mother, which was carried out by her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn.

The ex-con-turned-star’s case has captivated millions since her trial began and was even documented in HBO’s 2017 film, “Mommy Dead and Dearest,” and the hit 2019 Hulu miniseries, “The Act.”

The ex-con was freed from prison after serving more than seven years for the second-degree murder of her mother, Clauddinnea “Dee Dee” Blanchard. Instagram/@gypsyrose_a_blanchard

She also told her side of the story to “20/20” in a detailed four-part interview that has been cumulatively viewed 45 million times on ABC’s YouTube channel.

Gypsy helped plot and clean up the murder of her mother after she was abused her entire life and tricked into believing she had cancer, heart palpitations, severe allergies and more.

Her mother, Dee Dee, suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a psychological disorder in which parents make up sicknesses or cause real symptoms to make their child appear ill, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Her mother suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, meaning she made Gypsy appear sick and made up symptoms to get attention and sympathy from others. Instagram/@ryan_s_anderson_

For years, Gypsy was forced into a wheelchair by her mother, had her head shaved to look sick and underwent countless unnecessary surgeries after her mother tricked doctor after doctor.

She was also forced to use a feeding tube.

Gypsy previously said she did not find out she was a healthy, cancer-free individual until she was arrested.

Gypsy thought she had cancer, couldn’t walk and needed a feeding tube until she was arrested. Instagram/@ryan_s_anderson_

Ahead of her prison release, Gypsy told People that she regrets playing a role in her mother’s demise.

“She didn’t deserve that,” she said.

“She was a sick woman and unfortunately I wasn’t educated enough to see that.”

“She deserved to be where I am, sitting in prison doing time for criminal behavior.”