Garnet Jewelry Pieces From Sustainable & Unique Brands

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We’ve researched our favorite sustainable jewelry brands for the best garnet jewelry pieces—these are our top picks for their quality and timeless design.

Birthstones are beautiful, personal accessories for all to enjoy, with garnet being the essential choice for those born in January. According to the Gemological Institute of America, this bold birthstone forms through a combination of silicate minerals, with red being the most common color. It’s believed this gem brings about an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness. (We’ll take a bit of each, please!)

What does garnet jewelry symbolize? 

Garnet jewelry carries meaningful symbolism, derived from past history, traditions and personal perspectives. Commonly, garnet is known as a symbol of deep passion, love, and commitment due to its rich, red hue that’s named after pomegranate seeds and is synonymous with romance. This stone is also believed to offer protection and security against negative energies, while radiating strength to help overcome challenging times. Wearing garnet can even help improve one’s physical and emotional wellbeing as this stone is known for its vitality and life force energy. 

Garnet is the designated January birthstone as established by the Jewelers of America. While there are many historical, cultural, and mystical factors influencing why garnet is synonymous with January, most commonly the mineral is connected to the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, with many believing its qualities aligns with these signs. These birthstones are even connected as far back as the Middle Ages, and to many ancient cultures. 

Offering a piece of garnet jewelry, like a unique garnet ring to a loved one born in January can strengthen your bond with the person and express dedication to your relationship. This gemstone is the perfect personalized gift that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re celebrating a loved one’s birthday with birthstone jewelry or an anniversary, you can find sustainable garnet pieces that will continue to stay in style for years to come. Here are nine brands we love to consider. 💎🔴 

Our criteria: 

We’ve selected our favorite garnet jewelry pieces from sustainable brands based on affordability, long-lasting quality, and timeless design.

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Best Overall | Best Garnet Rings | Best Garnet Necklace 

1. Aurate

Best For | Birthstone studs
Sustainability & Ethics | Recycled precious metals, gives back to three charities, responsibly made & sourced worldwide
Price Range | $160–$500

For a gift you can wear every day, we love Aurate’s birthstone stud earrings. Every semi-precious stone—including garnet—is encased in solid gold casting and you can choose from yellow, rose, or white recycled gold. (You can also buy a single earring for half the price of the set.) The earrings are handmade using responsibly sourced materials; in fact, Aurate is so confident you’ll love its pieces that the brand offers a lifetime warranty. We do love to see it.

2. Mejuri

Best For | Minimalist garnet pieces
Sustainability & Ethics | Recycled precious metals & responsibly sourced stones, responsibly made around the world, gives back via women’s empowerment fund
Price Range | $78–$598

It’s no secret that we love Mejuri’s fine jewelry, and its minimalist pieces are some of our favorites. From beaded necklaces to stacker rings, everything is equal parts dainty and delicate. Unlike most jewelry that’s made with gold vermeil, Mejuri uses 14k solid gold for its garnet collection—so they’ll easily withstand the test of time. We highly recommend grabbing a garnet set if you can—wear it in your birth month and in the fall/winter months when deep reds and purples are most in style. 

3. Chan Luu

Best For | Garnet pendant jewelry
Sustainability & Ethics | Handmade by artisans in Vietnam, recycled & reusable packaging, fair pay & safe working environments 
Price Range | $75–$85

For a standout yet elegant garnet jewelry, consider Chan Luu’s collection of garnet pendant pieces. Crafted by artisans in Vietnam in responsible factories, each hanging birthstone pendant comes in an earrings, bracelet, and necklace option—and finished with gold plating. Not only are the products handmade, your jewelry will arrive wrapped in a handmade box made from recycled vintage fabrics. Consider it a gift that will keep on giving.


Best For | Garnet bracelets & bangles
Sustainability & Ethics | Responsibly made in USA, carbon-neutral shipping
Price Range | $52–$169

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, NICCOLETTI founder Nichole first pursued jewelry design while recovering from two brain surgeries. Now, this burgeoning Etsy shop has sold more than 15,000 orders in the last decade—including gorgeous garnet bangles and bracelets. They’re unlike pieces we’ve seen elsewhere, finished with hammered gold or raw garnet edges. You can even request custom engraving and complimentary gift packaging—and every order touts carbon-neutral shipping.

5. Penh Lenh

Best For | Garnet hoops
Sustainability & Ethics | BIPOC woman-owned, social enterprise model, responsibly made in Cambodia, recyclable precious metals & regionally sourced stones, living wages
Price | $99

Penh Lenh, which translates to “whole” in Cambodian, is a woman-owned brand based in Phnom Penh. All jewelry is handmade locally by women artisans (who are also paid fair wages), and profits are reinvested into their economic empowerment, education, and gainful employment. Our favorite gemstone pieces here are the Winona Gemstone Hoops, effortlessly adding flair to any outfit or occasion. They’re also the perfect size—enough to make a statement but not too heavy.

6. Gardens of the Sun

Best For | Mixed birthstone jewelry
Sustainability & Ethics | B Corp certified, responsibly sourced materials, fair wages, gives back
Price Range | $29–$1,179

Gardens of the Sun is committed to sourcing and crafting the most ethical, traceable, and transparent jewelry possible. This is done not only by using sustainable materials in their jewelry, but also ensuring the workers throughout their supply chain, mainly Indigenous people in Bali, receive gratitude and empowerment through their contributing knowledge and skills within the global economy. The result is stunning garnet pieces that are one-of-a-kind, with many made-to-order options. Know that each purchase that’s made supports the end-to-end process of shorter and sustainable supply chains that benefit all.  

7. Linjer

Best For | Affordable birthstone necklaces
Sustainability & Ethics | Recycled precious metals & ethically sourced gemstones, responsibly made in Europe, carbon-neutral shipping, recycled packaging
Price | $89

For an affordable and aesthetically pleasing piece of jewelry, Linjer’s Birthstone Necklace is a wonderful choice. The garnet acts as a bezel set pendant along an adjustable gold chain, and we love the dotted details around the stone. Linjer prioritizes sustainable materials including recycled gold and silver, gold vermeil, and ethically sourced gemstones from around the globe. All the quality, thoughtfulness, and durability—without the markups.

8. Starling

Best For | Initial birthstone jewelry
Sustainability & Ethics | Responsibly made in CA, fair living wages, certified recycled precious metals & ethically sourced stones
Price Range | $239–$3,950

For the most thoughtful gift of all, check out Starling’s garnet collection, including a full line of initial jewelry necklaces. (You can even layer two or three initials together—one for every part of your name or every member of the family.) Starling is committed to sustainability, from ethically producing pieces in Los Angeles to using certified recycled gold. Made with love and made to last, these garnet pieces are gorgeous through and through.

9. Brilliant Earth

Best For | Garnet engagement jewelry & loose stones
Sustainability & Ethics | Recycled precious metals, conflict-free stones, certified CarbonFree, eco-friendly wood packaging
Price Range | $125–$4,230+

Prefer to design jewelry of your own and just need the gemstone? Brilliant Earth has your back (they even work from premade pieces as well!). The brand carries a handful of stunning loose garnets ranging from deep red cushion stones to peach round stones. Or, if you’re preparing to pop the question, there are also garnet engagement rings (which come with free shipping, 30-day returns, and a lifetime warranty). Create, curate, or choose an heirloom piece here that will bring a smile to your recipient’s face every time they see it.

Featured image by Mejuri