‘Embarrassed’ Amy Robach admits she has ‘30 drinks a week’ as T.J. Holmes divulges his own excess drinking habits

Amy Robach is “appalled” over the amount of alcohol she consumed in 2023.

The journalist admitted on the latest episode of her “Amy & T.J.” podcast that she had “over 30 drinks” a week last year, adding, “That’s embarrassing to me, that’s not what I wish it were.”

Her boyfriend and co-host, T.J. Holmes, tried to console her, saying, “But you’re not alone in it, and we just happen to be saying it out loud.”

Holmes went on to share a shocking revelation about his own drinking habits, telling listeners he had 18 drinks a day in 2023.

Robach noted, though, that last year was an “anomaly” for the duo following the fallout from a cheating scandal that led to them getting fired from their jobs at “GMA3.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever gone a full year where I drink every single day, and that was 2023 for me,” she said.

“It wasn’t that I was getting wasted or drunk or any of that. It was just keeping a buzz going all day or at least keeping a relaxed state of mind in a heightened, anxious year.”

Amy Robach admitted she drank more than 30 alcoholic beverages a week in 2023. Instagram/@amyandtjpodcast

Holmes gathered receipts and discovered the couple spent “$2,869 on alcohol alone” last month.

“I thought the number would be higher, to be honest with you,” he quipped.

Both Robach, 50, and Holmes, 46, said they consider themselves “heavy drinkers,” with the former admitting that her habit of drinking regularly stems from decades ago.

“That’s embarrassing to me, that’s not what I wish it were,” Robach said of her alcohol consumption. ajrobach/Instagram

“Obviously high school and college, it was more about every now and then binge-drinking, which is not obviously admirable in any way,” the former ABC reporter said, adding that she scaled out the amount of booze she consumed in her 20s because she was working 90 hours a week and making $20,000 a year.

“I didn’t have money for alcohol, which was a good thing,” she said.

However, once she became a mom in her 30s, Robach said, she started to really get “into wine.”

Holmes, for his part, said he consumed 18 alcoholic beverages daily in 2023. officialtjholmes/Instagram
Both journalists would consider themselves “heavy” drinkers. ajrobach/Instagram

“I think that is when I became a moderate to heavy drinker, where I was having seven to 10, sometimes 15 drinks a week, and I always binged on celebratory nights,” the mother of two said.

Amid her removal from “GMA3,” Robach was accused of having bottles of alcohol in her dressing room.

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A source emphatically denied the “ridiculous” allegations to Page Six, claiming it was the network’s way of trying to get the upper hand in her exit deal.

The pair said backlash from their cheating scandal drove them to drink more alcohol last year. ajrobach/Instagram

“That’s how ridiculous that has gotten. In media, you get sent bottles [as gifts] and the bottles in her room were sealed,” an insider told us in January 2023.

“They are using any excuse. Other people in the office also have alcohol, it’s everywhere and it’s unopened.”

After leaving ABC, Robach and Holmes openly flaunted their romance, and were often seen on dates in NYC, including one where they went bar-hopping together in July 2023.