Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman’s request to dismiss divorce denied amid conservatorship drama

Elijah Blue Allman’s request to have his divorce from Marieangela King dismissed has been denied, court documents obtained by Page Six confirm.

It appears the court denied the dismissal because a temporary order for support is in place, which prompted the judge to rule against Allman.

Allman, 47, first filed for divorce from the musician in November 2021 after about eight years of marriage.

Cher’s son’s setback comes as the “Believe” singer is determined to establish a conservatorship over Allman in light of his substance abuse issues.

Cher, 77, expressed in her filing that she has concerns that Allman cannot properly take care of himself or “manage his own financial resources,” claiming that “any funds distributed to Elijah will immediately be spent on drugs, leaving Elijah with no assets to provide for himself, and putting Elijah’s life at risk.”

The judge dismissed it on a technicality over support. Getty Images
Allman had filed for divorce in November 2021 after about eight years of marriage. Marieangela King /Instagram

The “If I Could Turn Back Time” performer further stated that Allman makes $120,000 a year and “is entitled to regular distributions from a trust established by his father for his benefit.”

In a subsequent filing, Cher claimed Allman, who is the son of late musician Gregg Allman, was missing and put in an urgent request to be approved as his temporary conservator.

Cher also claimed in the documents that King would “take steps to prevent” Allman from learning of the conservatorship hearing.

The dismissal comes shortly after the court denied his mother Cher’s petition for a conservatorship over Allman. Getty Images

The “Tea With Mussolini” star maintained in the court filing that having a temporary conservator would bring “no harm” to Allman’s finances.

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Allman felt differently and filed a response objecting to the conservatorship, telling the court he is “clean and sober.”

She believed he would spend his money on drugs if she didn’t have control of his finances. JEN LOWERY LONDON FEATURES

The musician admitted he has “struggled with addiction and spent money in ways that have not always been the most responsible” but insisted that he’s under the care of a doctor and is “attending AA meetings.”

“I recently passed a drug test and am willing to submit to future drug tests,” he claimed.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected the music icon’s conservatorship petition Friday, Jan. 5. There is another hearing regarding the matter on Jan. 29.