Annemarie Wiley teases ‘very deep, very necessary’ conversation between Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards at ‘RHOBH’ reunion

Annemarie Wiley revealed to Page Six what went down when Kathy Hilton made a return to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” to chat with sister Kyle Richards at the reunion.

“There were a lot of important things that they talked about at the reunion –– that they talked through at the reunion,” Wiley told us exclusively on Tuesday.

The “RHOBH” newcomer added that fans will be “very interested in the conversations that were had.”

“They were very necessary,” she said of the discussion. “They’re very deep and very necessary.”

Wiley –– who has been friends with Richards for years –– described the sisters’ rocky relationship as a “path” that “they’ve been working on for a bit.”

Bravo sent fans into a frenzy on Saturday when they posted a photo of Hilton all glammed up and posing in front of her “RHOBH” reunion trailer, despite the fact that she didn’t film anything this season.

Annemarie Wiley teased that Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards had a “very deep, very necessary” conversation at the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion. Sara Feigin
“There were a lot of important things that they talked about at the reunion,” Wiley told us. Sara Feigin

Hilton, 64, chose not to return to the show for Season 13 after she and Richards had a falling out during Season 12.

The sisters had little to no communication for nearly a year before they reconnected at their sister Kim Richards’ daughter’s wedding in June 2023.

“When I saw Kyle in Aspen at [sister] Kim [Richards’] daughter’s wedding, I walked [into] a very quiet hair salon and Kyle, she was getting her hair washed,” Hilton previously told us in December 2023.

Richards and Hilton have had a rocky relationship over the years, but they recently reconnected over the summer. Getty Images for Elton John AIDS Foundation

“She goes, ‘Oh, there’s my sister!’” Hilton continued while beginning to tear up. “And I was literally like … it made me feel so good. I hadn’t seen her yet. But she was so excited telling the person, so it made me feel good.” 

In addition to fans seeing Hilton and Richards, 55, talk about their strained relationship, they’ll also see Wiley’s first reunion as a “Housewife” amid her feud with Crystal Kung Minkoff.

“I was super nervous going into it, but the girls were great. Everybody was like, ‘You’re going to get through this,’ and they put me at ease,” Wiley, 40, told us.

Hilton previously told us that they reunited at Kim Richards’ daughter’s wedding. Getty Images for Kathy Hilton

“I felt really good about it, actually. You know, I said all the things that I wanted to say. I got all my points across, I said all my truths, which are the truth. It was good,” she continued.

The nurse anesthetist was tight-lipped about which other women had “very important conversations,” but she did tease that “fans are going to be very pleasantly surprised.”

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“I think they’re going to be surprised at some of the things that are revealed, and I think just pleasantly surprised at how some things unfold, you know, but it’s, it’s going to be action packed,” she said.

As for her feud with Minkoff, Wiley didn’t divulge if they were able to totally resolve their issues, but she said she’s “optimistic” about building a friendship with her.

The nurse anesthetist feels “really good” about her first reunion. Sara Feigin

The hit Bravo show has yet to release the women’s reunion looks, but Wiley shared that she went with a “lighter and brighter and happier” theme.

“[This season] just felt very negative to me, and that’s just not me,” she said of her outfit vibe. “I’m very open and bubbly and fun and I’m the one that likes to get all everybody together and have a good time. So I just wanted to channel, like, light and bright and fun!”

Bravo has not yet announced when the Season 13 reunion will air, but “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.