Amy Robach’s kids: Meet her two daughters and former stepsons with Andrew Shue

Amy Robach may be known for her time on “GMA3” — and her headline-making ouster over her relationship with co-host T.J. Holmes — but off-screen, she’s a doting mom.

The journalist became a parent while married to Tim McIntosh from 1996 to 2009, welcoming two daughters with the former MLB player.

When Robach married Andrew Shue in 2010, she became a stepmother to the actor’s three sons with his ex-wife Jennifer Hageney.

The former “GMA3” co-host welcomed Ava and Annalise while married to Tim McIntosh. ajrobach/Instagram
She helped Andrew Shue raise Nathaniel, Aidan and Wyatt after marrying the actor. andrewshue/Instagram

Although the former ABC personality and Shue divorced after her and Holmes’ romance came to light in 2022, their children have continued to spend time together.

Robach told “Amy & T.J.” podcast listeners in 2023 that she has continued to apologize to her daughters in therapy during the “hard journey.”

Page Six is breaking down the members of her family below.

Ava McIntosh

Ava is a musician. avamonr0e/Instagram

Robach gave birth to daughter Ava in 2002.

The reporter’s eldest is musically inclined, announcing via Instagram in February 2023 that her debut album, “A Place to Come Home To,” was on the way.

The record, which Ava called “a labor of love & the product of years spent honing [her] sound for live audiences,” debuted two months later.

Annalise McIntosh

Annalise remains mostly out of the spotlight. ajrobach/Instagram

In 2006, Ava became a big sister when Robach and Tim’s second daughter, Annalise, joined the family.

Robach told Us Weekly in a June 2017 interview that her daughters never found her fame to be “anything out of the ordinary.”

“The beautiful thing about kids is that they’re the center of their own universe,” she explained at the time. “Ava and Annie will call me while I’m doing my newscast. I’m like, ‘Guys, I’m a little busy between the hours of 7 and 9.’”

Nathaniel William Shue

Nathaniel, nicknamed Nate, is an actor like his father. nathanielshue/Instagram

While married to Hageney from 1994 to 2009, Shue welcomed son Nathaniel, who goes by Nate. He arrived in 1996.

The “Melrose Place” alum’s eldest child has followed his acting footsteps, graduating from Santa Clara University in 2020 with a degree in theater and communications.

Nate, who starred in “Sense” in 2022, played soccer during his college years.

Aidan Shue

Aidan, however, keeps a low profile. nathanielshue/Instagram

Shue and Hageney’s son Aidan was born in 1999.

While Aidan has remained out of the spotlight over the years and keeps his Instagram private, his dad gave insight into their family’s “Brady Bunch” dynamic before he and Robach called it quits in 2023.

“We’re very aware that we’re like the cool aunt or uncle. We never want to take the place of their parents,” he told Us Weekly of raising stepchildren, noting that they called their brood the “Shuebachs.”

Wyatt Shue

Shue shares Wyatt and his other two sons with talent agent Jennifer Hageney. ajrobach/Instagram

Robach gushed in her 2017 Us Weekly interview that Wyatt, who was born in 2004, was a “gentleman” to her.

“[He] will open the door and ask, ‘Amy, can I take that from you?’” she said. “There’s a sweetness that I get from the boys that I don’t get from my daughters, funny enough.”

While Wyatt keeps his Instagram profile public like Nate, he rarely posts.