9 Best Nontoxic Kids Rugs In 2024

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Shopping for organic rugs for a kid’s room can feel like a tall order. First, you want something soft underfoot and safe for youngsters to crawl, roll, play, and snuggle on. Yet the rug also needs to be durable enough to survive drink spills, toys, art supplies, and your family’s general chaos. And it would be nice if it was kind of cute too, something that both the kids and the adults can enjoy. 😅 NBD, right?

Unfortunately, rugs advertised as water-resistant, stain-resistant, or both often include toxic chemicals that studies have linked to several serious health issues. One recent study even detected per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in 54 products children and teens often use, including bedding, clothing, and furnishings. This class of chemicals doesn’t break down in the human body or the environment and turns up even in products labeled “green,” the study found. No thanks!

The good news is there are sustainable and nontoxic rugs for kids on the market, many of which are made by sustainable home brands you likely know and love. Consider choosing a rug with organic materials for nurseries and tummy time. Rugs made with natural and eco-friendly fibers, such as jute, sisal, wool, and organic cotton, are also wonderful for children’s rooms. We recommend looking for wool, jute, and natural latex for the rug backing and underlay pads.

Here are our picks for nontoxic and organic kids’ rugs, covering a range of sizes and budgets.

Best Overall | Best Playmat | Most Affordable

1. Lorena Canals

Best For | Nurseries
Features | Machine washable, nontoxic, comply with all safety and quality regulations for children (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 certified)
Prices Start At | $199 for a 2’7″ x 4’7” rug

Lorena Canals has long been our go-to for washable rugs, and we adore their classic-yet-playful organic rugs for kiddos. The creative patterns and thoughtful color palettes encourage sweet dreams and creativity at any age. Whether you want something for easy care after a tough day of play or a soft addition to your baby’s nursery, you can’t go wrong with these washable and nontoxic designs.

2. Totter + Tumble

Best For | Playmats you can move around the house
Features | Nontoxic PVC memory foam, free of latex, BPA, lead, phthalates, EVA, formamide, formaldehyde, and flame retardants
Prices Start At | $215 for a 72” x 49” mat

Totter + Tumble makes playmats, not rugs, but who’s to say a playmat can’t anchor a room? Each of these nontoxic mats features a different pattern and a supportive layer of memory foam for your little ones to roll around safely. And by safely, we mean safely—these playmats are not only transportable around your home and on the go, but they surpass the high European and UK Toy EN71 safety standards, as well as safety standards in the United States for newborns and older. Wipe down with a nontoxic spray for an easy clean!

3. Parachute

Best For | Teenagers 
Features | Oeko-Tex certification, handwoven by artisans, natural fibers, made without synthetics or harmful chemicals, gives back through United Nation’s Nothing But Nets campaign
Prices Start At | $249 for a 3′ x 5′ rug

Shopping for a more selective teenager? We get it. It can be challenging to find decor that is organic, sustainable, and that your teenager will love! A Parachute rug can land pretty much anywhere though, complementing modern, boho, vintage, or even classic decor. The brand uses natural fibers and ethical manufacturing (rugs are handwoven by expert artisans in Panipat, India), and we love Parachute’s designs to add a grounding touch to any space. Best yet, these rugs are durable enough for high-traffic areas (read: snacks and drink spills). Little and big toes will enjoy the textured feel, while teens especially will appreciate the sleek, finished edges.


Best For | Natural rugs that will last for years
Features | Ethically produced by Indigenous artisan weavers, biodegradable, eco-friendly, recycled, and natural materials, plastic-free
Prices Start At | $578 for 3’ x 5’ rug

LOOMY creates some of our favorite natural rugs for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms. These rugs are oh-so-cute, soft underfoot, and sturdy enough to withstand pets too! Best of all, LOOMY’s rugs are biodegradable and handcrafted by Indigenous artisan weavers with 80% New Zealand wool and 20% cotton. While the price point makes these rugs a bit more of an investment, LOOMY rugs are made to be loved in your home for years to come. 

5. Under the Nile

Best For | Organic cotton rugs
Features | Hand-loomed, made from recycled organic cotton, zero waste, machine washable, free of flame retardants, Azo colorants, BPA, formaldehyde, PVC, lead, and fragrance
Prices Start At | $65 for a 31” x 39” rug

Under the Nile‘s kid’s rugs are colorful, unique, and some of the softest we’ve found—and that’s because the company crafts them from leftover organic Egyptian cotton clothing scraps! The assortment of colors in the small rugs makes them great for decorating the nursery or for tummy time. Under the Nile also makes larger rugs both in multicolored and undyed styles that clean easily in the washing machine, emerging as soft as your kid’s favorite t-shirt.

6. Cold Picnic

Best For | Statement rugs and tapestries
Features | Goodweave Certified, Care & Fair Certified, produced by 100% solar energy, handmade by artisans, no chemical coatings, eco-friendly dyes and materials
Prices Start At | $210 for a 2’ x 3’ rug

Cold Picnic rugs are dreamy, playful designs inspired by memories of environments and experiences. The artisan-made rugs are hand tufted and use natural dyes and materials like eco-friendly bamboo viscose and hemp. Their bathmats are GOTS and Global Recycle Standard Certified, and all their rugs are produced in a unit that is 100% solar powered. These rugs are works of art and will add a vibrant focal point to any space, as an accent rug or even as a tapestry displayed above your child’s bed or in a playroom. Gorgeous!

7. Hook & Loom

Best For | Completely chemical-free recycled cotton rugs
Features | Dye- and chemical-free, recycled materials, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, 
Prices Start At | $22 for a 2’ x 3’ rug

At Hook & Loom, the environment comes first. Their signature Eco Cotton rugs are made from truly recycled cotton waste– not leftover cotton from new production lines that is then dyed and repurposed. This is used material destined for the landfill, that the brand lovingly rescues, cleans, and takes apart to be spun into totally new colorful yarn. It’s then handwoven by fairly paid artisans into your chemical-free new rug. Read more about their innovative process and then pick up one of their safe, eco-friendly rugs for your little one to enjoy! 

8. Minna

Best For | Artisan rugs 
Features |  Handcrafted by artisans using natural fibers, vintage textiles, designs inspired by traditional craft and feminist art 
Prices Start At | $130 for a 3’ round rug

Minna‘s contemporary geometric rugs are designed with a host of influences, including abstract paintings and midcentury modern architecture. Your baby will love the organic shapes, earthy colors, and cozy texture. We especially like this plush mosaic area rug made from 100% wool pile and 100% cotton warp. It’s ethically made to order by pile rug weavers in Arequipa, Peru, who hand-knot their work on vertical looms. Keep your rug looking fresh with a spot clean or dry clean.

9. The Citizenry

Best For | Accent rugs
Features | Artisan-made rugs, natural materials, natural dyes made from plants
Prices Start At | $275 for a 4’ round rug

Older kids are bound to enjoy the color and texture of The Citizenry‘s artisan-made rugs, handcrafted by a cooperative of 60 women in Oaxaca, Mexico using natural fibers like sheep’s wool. The colors come from natural dyes using native plant extracts and berries (sustainable and cool!). Just vacuum lightly and spot clean to keep it looking like new.

Featured image by Lorena Canals