7 Montessori Play Gyms For Kids Who Climb

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The popular Montessori Method centers on children’s play that is open-ended and involves hands-on sensory experiences. This type of play aids children’s development in their gross motor skills, balance, coordination, independent play, and more. Science has even shown that there’s a link between Montessori education and play in childhood with adult wellbeing later in life. 🌟

Montessori play gyms are a wonderful option for indoor entertainment and safe self-play. They help promote their dexterity and creativity, as they’re built with multiple pieces that can be configured in unique ways. One moment your play gym can be a fort, the next a pirate ship, and then later monkey bars on the playground! Plus, they’re suited for various age ranges. Even children who aren’t walking yet can learn to climb on a play gym. Best yet, these play gyms are meant to last from the first year of life up to ages 6 or 8.

Below we’ve selected our favorite Montessori makers with adaptable, sustainable, and safe Montessori play gyms. We hope you and your little one enjoy these for years to come!

Our criteria:

  • ADAPTABLE | These Montessori play gyms offer flexibility in many ways. They can be customized, easily stowed away, re-configured, upgraded — and most of them work across a number of age ranges for longer use.
  • NONTOXIC MATERIALS | The sets below use natural wood, either plywood or solid wood. Most are FSC, CE, or ASTM certified for safety and/or sustainability.
  • INDEPENDENT MAKERS | These brands are all small businesses, many of them are based in the US and handcraft these play gyms locally.

If a full Montessori play gym isn’t an option for your family whether due to size, age, or price, consider our favorite Pikler Triangles and Montessori toys instead — whatever you choose, your child is sure to love and learn from.

Best Overall | Most Affordable

1. Wood and Hearts

Best For | Various color & size options
Ages | Options for 8 months–4 years, 2–6 years, 2–8 years
Nontoxic Materials | CE & CPC certified birch plywood, water-based paints, eco-friendly varnish
Prices Starting At | $274+

Co-owner Denys Shribliak said his children inspired the mission behind Wood And Hearts — once he saw the dangers of plastic toys for his own kids, he began making safe, sustainable furniture instead. Today, Wood and Hearts crafts Montessori furniture for all over your home, including some wonderful climbing sets. They’re all made with certified natural wood and water-based lacquers, so they’re nontoxic and allergen-free. Our pick, the Montessori Climbing Set of 3, combines a foldable triangle, climbing arch, and rocker board. It’s available in Small, Standard, and Large, and has 15 different color options, so it serves a variety of ages. You’ll be able to find the best version for your home and your little one.

2. Montessori Climber

Best For | Lifetime guaranteed sets
Ages | 8 months–8 years
Nontoxic Materials | Birch plywood, water-based paints, eco-friendly varnish
Prices Starting At | $299+

Montessori Climber’s The Triangle comes alone or as a Montessori Play Gym set. Whatever you choose, it’ll be handcrafted just for you — in fact, the only items this family-owned brand makes are these made-to-order Montessori climbing sets. All parts are hand-made with polished Birch plywood, gently sanded down, then finished with water-based friends and an eco-friendly varnish. We especially recommend The Triangle for two reasons: It’s larger than most other models so you get more bang for your buck, and the team offers a lifetime warranty on any part or damage. Since it’s recommended for kids between 8 months and 8 years, the maximum load is 125 pounds. Let your kids grow and explore with every climb year after year.

3. Piccalio

Best For | Foldable sets & helper towers
Ages | 6 months–6 years
Nontoxic Materials | FSC certified wood (pine, birch, beech), water-based topcoats
Prices Starting At | $349+

Based in Venice, California, Piccalio is part-toy and part-furniture wooden shop exclusively for toddlers. Piccalio’s philosophy is inspired by a European approach to slow living and small-batch manufacturing, so everything here is minimalist, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile. Plus, from the Pikler Triangles to the Helper Towers, everything’s safe, sustainable, and sturdy enough to last for the long haul. The Climber Triangle Set includes a foldable Pikler Triangle and Reversible Ramp to encourage balance and concentration. We also love their Helper Towers which toddlers a boost so they can learn alongside you in the kitchen. Both fold up to stow away when not in use, are easy to assemble, and can be used up to 130 pounds.

4. Joey

Best For | Affordable Montessori climbing sets
Ages | 6 months–8 years
Nontoxic Materials | Birch plywood
Prices Starting At | $90+

Family-run brand Joey was launched after the co-founders (and sisters) saw the low quality and high cost of baby toys. Today, they run a small business in Houston, TX, and partner with wood manufacturing companies in Mexico and China for Montessori toys. Choose from climbing gym triangles, cubes, ramps, and more (including sets) — most of which are CPSIA tested for child safety. Orders shipped via the Joey Etsy shop are carbon-neutral, and the team allows for returns and exchanges as needed. Simultaneously support this family-owned company and upgrade your child’s playtime, for under $100.

5. CassaroKids

Best For | Advanced Montessori play gyms
Ages | 6 months–5 years
Nontoxic Materials | FSC certified beech and birch wood, water-based paints & finishes
Prices Starting At | $295+

If your little ones have already mastered the Pikler Triangle and you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, you’ll love CassaroKids’ playsets. With more advanced models, your preschoolers can learn to better balance, slide, and even swing upside down. You can rest easy knowing these are safe and strong, since CassaroKids uses only premium solid natural wood and carries the ASTM safety standard for each product. And on a sustainable note, the wood is FSC certified and the team plants a tree with every purchase via One Tree Planted. Unleash your child’s imagination with these creatively designed play gyms.

6. Lily and River

Best For | Unique bundles
Ages | 6 months–12 years
Nontoxic Materials | Bamboo & birch wood, nontoxic varnishes
Prices Starting At | $249+

For unique play gyms different from the rest, check out Lily And River. These bundled sets come with slides, domes, stepping stones, or even a ball pit (with 600 biodegradable balls!) — all of which benefit your child’s imagination, motor skills, balance, and muscle growth. You can even build your own playset together with your kiddo to see what most catches their eye. For premade sets, choose from birch or bamboo and your preferred color, and enjoy same-day shipping within 24 hours. Lily and River uses FSC certified materials, plants a tree with every order, and is family-owned and run outside of Phoenix, Arizona. 

7. Tiny Land

Best For | Montessori 5-in-1 set
Ages | 2–6 years old
Nontoxic Materials | FSC certified birch & pine wood
Prices Starting At | $300+

Tiny Land was also — you guessed it — inspired by this family’s experience with toys and a desire to unlock their children’s imagination. While Tiny Land carries tents, wooden trains, and more, we like the 5-in-1 Montessori Climbing Set that combines the ramp, arch, and Pikler Triangle for children up to six years old. The team is committed to quality customer service and even higher quality materials, so your family can enjoy the very best. We especially appreciate that Tiny Land offers free replacement parts within 30 days of delivery (and you can buy them at affordable prices after that deadline). If the price point feels a bit out of reach, check in on the Used Collections for gently used and discounted sets.