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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking down a city sidewalk in a pair of knee-high boots, crunching fall leaves under your feet, and feeling like the baddest version of yourself. Knee-high boots are the versatile wardrobe must-have that you may have forgotten about in the swirl of the changing seasons. They can be worn with knitted dresses, mini skirts, long belted sweaters, tucked into jeans…you name it. We especially love seeing a little bit of white sock peeking out from over the edge, somehow communicating both sensible warmth and devil-may-care insouciance. Our lineup features boots made from vegan materials and thoughtfully sourced leather, empowering you to pick your pleasure based on your values. 

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Best For | Made-to-order
Ethics | Responsible leather, on-demand production
Sizes Available | US 5–14
Price Range | $170–$420

Sustainably designed in Barcelona and hand-crafted by local artisans in Alicante, ALOHAS knee-high boots are made to last a lifetime. Alejandro Porras founded ALOHAS in 2015 in response to the growing problem of overproduction in the fashion industry. Their solution? The brand uses a hybrid sales model with in-stock options and on-demand shoes based upon pre-orders, cutting down on excess in an eco-conscious move that results in a wide range of available styles since products don’t have to sit on a shelf to be available. You can find ALOHAS at Madewell, Urban Outfitters, and Free People to name just a few retailers that carry this gorgeous line of boots.


Best For | Waterproof wool
Ethics | Recycled bottles, wool, and rubber
Sizes Available | 5–11 (fit A-EE feet)
Price Range | $199

Headquartered in London, VIVAIA produces over-the-knee water-repellant wool boots with a focus on sustainability, comfort, and odor reduction. They use cutting-edge technology to make their stretch knit from recycled plastic bottles pulled from the ocean, reducing production waste by over 30%. Add to this the sweater-like softness of their terry lining and the non-slip, vertical slimming texture of their wool uppers, and you’ve got a boot that feels like you’re wearing cozy, wool socks — ones that can stretch from 34 cm up to 60 cm so that all the thigh sizes feel held and celebrated. VIVAIA makes its insoles from the herb Artemisia Argyi, offering a mold-free, cushioned double-arch support for your tired feet. Every boot is made to be both hand and machine-washable, helping ensure a lifetime’s worth of comfy boot-wearing fun.

3. Bhava

Best For | Walkable vegan leather
Ethics | All vegan leather
Sizes Available | 5–11
Price Range | $300–$345

Bhava boots pay tribute to a generational tradition of artisan-made, high-quality boots manufactured in Alicante, Spain. Every single choice Bhava makes speaks to their love of craft, from the European hardware, to their eco-suede lining imported from Italy, to their use of Italian vegan leathers free of PCP, formaldehyde, PVC, phthalates, chrome, azo-dyes, or aromatic amines. You can even purchase boot uppers to turn any of your ankle boots into knee-high without having to purchase an entirely new boot — yet another innovative and sustainable move. Bhava’s founder Francisca Pineda is a leader in New York’s sustainable fashion scene while settling for nothing less than the highest standards of European craftsmanship.

4. Sézane

Best For | Colorful styles
Ethics | Vegetable-tanned leather 
Sizes Available | 5–11
Price Range | €370–€540

Born in Paris, all of Sézane’s footwear is handcrafted in their Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian ateliers — all of which are audited in compliance with ethical industry standards. 75% of the materials in their current collections are eco-friendly and more than 80% of their leather tanning is done responsibly. All knee-high boots in their “Heritage” line are 100% vegetable-tanned in stunning shades like lemon, mauve, and blue. 

5. Reformation

Best For | Limited-edition drops
Ethics | 100% chrome-free cow leather
Sizes Available | 5–11
Price Range | $450–$600

Reformation has made a commitment to losing their virginity — we’re referring to their circularity commitment to get rid of all virgin materials, become Climate Positive, and make everything out of recycled, regenerative, or renewable materials by 2025. Beginning with just one storefront in L.A. in 2009, Ref eventually built their own factory in L.A. and have expanded to partner with sustainable factories around the world. Every week, the brand puts out a limited-edition collection with minimal quantities of each new product, only making more if orders come in and direct data proves the need. Unlike the chrome-tanned leather of 90% of the world, a human carcinogen known to produce hazardous waste, Reformation uses 100% chrome-free leather tanned in Leather Working Group gold and silver audited tanneries.

6. NAE

Best For | Ecological and sustainable vegan footwear
Ethics | 100% Vegan
Sizes Available | 4–13
Price Range | $190–$250

NAE stands for “No Animal Exploitation,” exemplifying their commitment to making 100% vegan products since 2008. NAE’s vegan leather is made up of a mixture of microfibers like cotton, polyester, and nylon, and awarded the Standard 100 label, a certification ensuring products are free of toxins. Made in Portugal, NAE’s boots boast a moisture-wicking footbed padded with EVA arch supports and hypoallergenic insoles. Styles are classic and comfortable while doing good for our planet. 

7. Everlane

Best For | Sophisticated and classic
Ethics | Sustainable & environmentally-friendly fashion
Sizes Available | 5–11
Price Range | $250–$350

Everlane’s boots use leather sourced from a tannery-rated gold by the Leather Working Group — the highest rating a tannery can receive for demonstrating best practices in environmental compliance and performance capabilities. The company prioritizes materials that follow the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare guidelines and refuse to use leather or suede from animals raised for their hides. Fun Fact: Everlane publishes what it costs to make each of their products so you know exactly what goes into their products and what markup you’re paying to the brand.

Featured image is from Reformation