15 Sustainable Gifts Under $50 For Everyone On Your List

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During gift-giving season, we look for thoughtful keepsakes and the chance to give back with our purchases. But in addition to being conscious of our values, we may need to be conscious of our budgets. Below is our roundup of gifts under $50 from brands that are fair trade, handmade, or sustainable, and all are on a mission to make the world a better place. 

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1. Ana Luisa Jewelry

Best For | 24/7 jewelry wearers
Price | Starting at $29

Who said good quality jewelry needs to break the bank? Ana Luisa’s fine jewelry is made with premium materials and offers a timeless, contemporary appeal. Backed by a two-year warranty, each piece is hypoallergenic, water-resistant and tarnish-free. Not to mention recycled materials are used where possible and the brand ensures carbon neutrality through offset projects. If you or someone you know loves wearing jewelry all day everyday, Ana Luisa will surely be a go-to for all your dainty jewelry needs.   

2. cocokind Skincare

Best For | Skincare lovers
Price | Starting at $9

cocokind’s vegan and cruelty-free conscious skincare is a favorite amongst the TGT community. Superior formulas that support the skin barrier, no matter dry, oily or sensitive, is the foundation of all cocokind skincare essentials. Gift a product that supports your loved one’s skin care needs, including their bestselling Rich Moisture and Barrier Duo — for under $50! cocokind also gives back through their impact foundation which provides female-identifying entrepreneurs focusing on social impact with a generous grant to further their goals. 

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3. Fly By Jing Chili Sauce

Best For | Foodies
Price | $17

For all our condiment lovers out there, this is one to add to the top of your list. Fly By Jing’s premium chili sauce is not like other hot sauces. Described as savory and rich and with a flavorful umami profile, each signature chili sauce is inspired by the soulful flavors of hole-in-the-wall eateries in Chengdu, China. The brand’s famous Sichuan Chili Crisp is made in small batches using sugar-free and non-GMO ingredients like organic caiziyou and tribute peppercorns, harvested from the Qingxi mountains. Drizzle on your favorite foods or incorporate while cooking for a tasty tingle that’ll have you coming back for more.

4. De Soi Non-Alcoholic Apéritifs

Best For | The sober curious
Price | $25 for 4 cans

De Soi’s non-alcoholic apéritifs will have you considering going dry all year round! Co-founders Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan created De Soi for those of us who want to feel engaged and present when in company (or solo!) without the side effects of alcohol. Made with feel-good adaptogens and natural botanicals, these vegan and lightly carbonated beverages are fruity, flavorful, and will give you a light, mood-boosting buzz. Pick from four delicious flavors including raspberry, yuzu, strawberry, and blackberry. 

5. Papier Wonder Notebook 

Best For | Journalers & note-takers
Price | $32

Papier’s Wonder hardcover notebook makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for both beginners and experienced writers alike. Each notebook is made-to-order with a personalized hardcover that allows you to customize the color, text, and design. (We recommend adding the name of the recipient to the hardcover for a special touch!) You’ll also have a choice of ethically sourced blank, lined, or dotted paper. Gifted in quality, plastic-free packaging, this notebook will be well-loved and appreciated by writers of all backgrounds.

6. Artifact Uprising Photo Gifts

Best For | Newlyweds
Price | Starting at $9

Photography often tops the list of the most meaningful gifts you can give. That’s why we adore Artifact Uprising for its under $50 gifting collection. From customizable photo calendars to baby books and wall calendars, you can create a personalized gift for anyone celebrating a milestone. (Looking for holiday cards? They got those, too, and the quality is A++.) Artifact Uprising prioritizes sustainable materials, using recycled fibers, reclaimed pine wood, and more inspired by its Colorado HQ. Mementos from Artifact Uprising are presents that remind you of the past, in the most special way possible.

7. PlanetBox Lunch Bag

Best For | Kids
Price | Starting at $17 

Set off to school in style with PlanetBox’s eco-friendly and equally adorable lunch accessories. Perfect for kids and tweens alike, these stainless steel lunch boxes and carrying bags are unlike your typical school lunch carriers. Made from durable and nontoxic stainless steel, each lunch box contains separate compartments for food and is dishwasher safe. Meanwhile, each carrying bag is sustainably made with recycled poly, is easy to clean, and is compatible with all PlanetBox accessories. Choose from a variety of cute colors and patterns, including magnets for decoration!  

8. Quip Refillable Floss Picks

Best For | Travelers
Price | Starting at $8

While single-use floss picks can be easy to use, they create unnecessary plastic waste that can quickly pile up in our landfills. Quip is working hard to combat this with their Refillable Floss Picks that replace 180 disposable picks with each refill. This smooth and shred-resistant floss set comes with a mirrored compact case (great for flossing on the go!) and a reusable handle in the shade of your choice. With a simple touch of a button, you can restring the handle as often as you use it, and the affordable subscription will keep you in check with floss refills for up to 3 months. Quip keeps it economical and eco-friendly.

9. Dr. Bronner’s Build-Your-Own Chocolate Bars Bundle

Best For | Vegans
Price | $32 for 6 bars

Dr. Bronner’s is not only known for their fantastic all-natural castile soaps–they’re also pretty good at making chocolate! These organic, gluten-free, and vegan Swiss chocolate bars are more than just delicious. They are soon to be Regenerative Organic Certified, one of the highest certifications that recognizes exceptional standards in fairness for workers, animal welfare, and soil health. That’s not the only thing that’s impressive — there are 6 flavors to choose from and each has us drooling. We have our eye on the Cool Peppermint Cream and the Crunchy Hazelnut Butter. Brb, adding to the cart!

10. Last Chance Textiles Bandanas

Best For | Sustainable fashion enthusiasts 
Price | $49

You can never have too many bandanas and Last Chance Textiles’ Cotton Bandanas are no exception. GOTS certified organic cotton is the foundation of each of these intricate pieces, with a number of steps involved in the design process. Each bandana design is original and is hand drawn by Last Chance Textiles founder Lindsey Fout. The bandanas are then custom-dyed and screen-printed in small batches. You’re then left with a piece of art that can be worn and used in a multitude of ways. Try tying it around your neck for an added pop of color in your fits!

11. The Snarky Co. Pins

Best For | Collectors 
Price | Starting at $5

Building our valued collections is a pastime we love, and for the sticker and enamel pin connoisseurs out there, there’s The Snarky Co. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, these cute, colorful, and kitschy accessories are sure to make a statement, while being decorative and fun. Influenced by art and humor, founder Elizabeth Kaneda channels her experiences with chronic mental and physical health conditions into pieces of art that are humorous and sarcastic. Each pin and sticker is handmade and designed to raise awareness, ease stigma, and bring a smile to your face!

12. Patagonia Trucker Hats

Best For | Hikers
Price | $39

If there’s one brand out there doing it right, it’s gotta be Patagonia. This certified B Corp prioritizes sustainability and responsible production above all, while also emphasizing the importance of our planet. For friends who like to explore the great outdoors, you can’t go wrong with one of Patagonia’s trucker hats available in eight different styles. They’re sewn in Fair Trade Certified factories using recycled fishing nets, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.

13. Siblings Candles

Best For | Home decor lovers
Price | $26

If there’s one thing you need to add to your shopping list this season, it’s Siblings Candles. Not your typical candle, Siblings provides their eco-friendly coconut candle wax blend in a compostable bag with all the equipment you need to DIY your own candle. The perk is that you can keep reusing the same candle vessel for new candles as you burn through them. (Goodbye candle jar collection!) With a burntime of up to 60 hours, you can feel confident you’re giving a sustainable and long-lasting gift that’ll keep on giving.

14. Color Your Own Tarot Cards

Best For | Mindfulness seekers
Price | $21

Learning how to read Tarot can be challenging if you’re new to it, and that’s why Color Your Own Tarot cards makes the experience both fun and educational! With a focus on peace, mindfulness, and connection, each deck contains all 78 Tarot cards alongside a guidebook that explains in detail the symbolism within each card and the significance of each color as you choose how to customize your deck. Feel empowered as you unlock your inner artist.

15. Self-Watering Lavender Grow Kit

Best For | Plant parents
Price | $38

Plant parents unite! This Self-Watering Lavender Grow Kit is the perfect gift for those who enjoy the experience of nurturing plants. Each kit includes one ceramic planter, non-GMO lavender seeds, an immersion pot, grow medium, plant food, and instructions. Albeit slow-blooming, the wait is worth the beautiful appearance of these gorgeous purple florals. If the look of lavender isn’t your thing, appreciate it for its calming scent or even use it for cooking! This DIY activity is perfect for a gentle Sunday morning.