10 Organic Sheets From Sustainable Bedding Brands (2023)

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We’ve reviewed dozens of organic sheets over the last five years — these are our top nontoxic selections for your health, comfort, ease of care, and long-lasting durability.

There’s nothing sweeter than a good night’s sleep — and nothing that helps restore us better than a comfortable bed situation. Our main priority, though? Natural, nontoxic bedding made from materials that are good for people and the planet. 🌿

The truth is, sheets made from synthetic materials like polyester aren’t great for you, the environment, or the factory workers who make them. Polyester isn’t very breathable, it releases microplastics when washed, and its manufacturing process is highly polluting. Those aren’t exactly thoughts you want to dwell on as you’re trying to drift off. 

Below, find our favorite natural and organic sheets from sustainable bedding brands. These brands all use eco-friendly materials including organic cotton, bamboo, linen, and Tencel, and each company is dedicated to ethical labor practices. Get ready to have the best night of sleep ever.

Why choose organic sheets?

“Organic fibers are breathable, come in a variety of weights and weaves, and can be temperature regulating,” says Whitney Thornburg, design director of Coyuchi, an organic bedding brand, “all of which can help you create a personal, customizable bed for a great night’s sleep.” Thornburg recommends staying away from synthetic fabrics because of their reduced breathability and comfort, and we couldn’t agree more. 

Not only do organic sheets make for better, more comfortable sleep, the manufacturing process is less harmful. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and microfiber are derived from petroleum, and their manufacturing process is a nasty business (literally). The process emits VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, chemicals that diffuse into the air and can be toxic to human health. Production of these synthetic materials can make factory workers ill from toxic chemicals.

Organic cotton and linen don’t contain potentially damaging (for you and the environment!) chemicals like pesticides, and tend to use less water to make than conventional cotton. We also like bamboo for its fast, sustainable growth, and Tencel which is plant-derived and uses less water and energy than conventional cotton.

What should you look for when shopping?

Sold on organic sheets yet? When browsing, you’ll first want to consider your sleeping preferences. “If you sleep hot, a cool, crisp cotton percale might feel great,” says Thornburg, “or if you sleep cold, a soft sateen or flannel that is more warm to the touch might feel more comfortable.”

And keep an eye out for third-party certifications. Thornburg likes GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which ensures that at least 95% of a product’s materials are certified organic, since “it also checks EVERY step of the supply chain to ensure these standards are followed, from fiber to spinner to dyer to weaver.”

Some other certifications to look for: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified means a textile is free of 100 commonly used toxic substances and allergens (the finished product only, though, not the whole supply chain). A GreenGuard certification ensures a product won’t emit VOCs at a harmful level, Fair Trade Certified means factories have safe working conditions, and Made Safe ensures a product is free of 6,500 banned or potentially hazardous substances.

It’s also helpful to note that the brands that are certified by a third party are also more likely to use safer, more ethical processes throughout manufacturing and selling.

Natural fabrics that we love

Organic Cotton | Grown with no toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds. Tends to use less water than conventional cotton.
Organic Linen | Made of fast-growing flax, organic linen uses no synthetic fertilizer or pesticides, requires little water, and produces little waste.
Organic Hemp | Similar to linen, organic hemp uses little water and no synthetic fertilizer or pesticides, and is nice and durable.
Wool | Biodegradable, durable, and renewable, wool is a great temperature regulator, too.
Eucalyptus | Faster-growing eucalyptus trees are used to make Tencel, a semi-synthetic fabric that produces little waste and is still biodegradable.

For more information on sustainable fabrics, check out our fabrics guide.

Our criteria:

  • ORGANIC & CLEAN | Each brand’s sheets are made of natural or recycled materials like cotton, linen, or Tencel. Each brand has third-party certifications to guarantee consumer safety like GOTS, Oeko Tex, or GreenGuard.
  • COMFORT | Our editors have personally tested these sheets, done extensive research on the brands, and scoured online reviews to find the best brands offering comfortable, breathable sheets in various weights for different preferences.
  • ENVIRONMENT | Each brand takes care of its employees and the earth, along with its customers. These companies are committed to caring for the environment and to safe labor practices.

Read on for our favorite bedding brands that offer organic sheets. Upgrading your entire bedroom? Check out the best organic comforters to complement your new sheets, or our guide to the best organic mattresses.

Best Overall | Most Affordable | Best Cotton Alternative

1. Avocado

Best For | Lux superfine sheets
Organic Materials
 | GOTS certified organic cotton, linen, hemp
Prices starting at | $149 for twin sheets

Mattress industry leader Avocado is rounding out its incredible home goods with bedding. Made of GOTS certified organic linen, hemp, or cotton, you can find the best organic sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and inserts here, all of which are fully climate-negative. And if you’re looking to splurge, we suggest the organic superfine bedding sets crafted with 1,000 threads per inch. Meticulously made and incredibly comfortable, try this B Corp’s bedding out for 100 nights or your money back. Avocado is also MADE SAFE & Fair Trade Certified.

Avocado Sheets Review | “We love our organic Avocado sheets! We now have 3 sets, 2 white 400 thread count and 1 in the gray 600 thread count. They are all fantastic, wash beautifully, wonderful feel, you are sleeping with luxury bedding and you just feel good about them being organic!” – Laurie D. (Read all reviews)

2. Under The Canopy

Best For | Duvet & sheet sets
Organic Materials
| GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton, nontoxic dyes
Prices starting at | $68 for twin sheets

Under The Canopy has a wide selection of organic cotton covers and fair trade linen sheets. With accessible pricing and a longstanding dedication to organic bedding that stands up to rigorous certifications, these bedding sets are perfect for your all-natural home. No dangerous chemicals, harm, or toxins here…just quality sheets in pretty pastels. Plus free shipping and simple returns!

Under The Canopy Sheets Review | “I first bought a set of percale weave sheets about 9 months ago. They have become my favorite set of sheets and the percale weave means they keep getting better with time. Best of all, they are durable. I decided to buy a second set because I am so pleased with the product.” – Emma V. (Read all reviews)

3. West Elm

Best For | Stylish, elevated textures
Organic Materials
| GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified organic, sustainable fill
Prices starting at | $165 for full sheets

West Elm is a powerhouse known for its modern, clean styles, including its 100 percent organic cotton, Tencel, and linen bedding sets, all made in certified Fair Trade facilities. The seasonal styles and neutral colors of these sheets are perfect for any room, and the organic duvet covers (woven from GOTS certified textiles into gorgeous textures), are our personal favorites! Shipping is free and returns are easy peasy.

4. Pact

Best For | Jersey sheets
Organic Materials
 | GOTS certified organic cotton
Prices starting at | $130 for twin sheets

Whether you’re outfitting your bed in Pact’s sheets, shams, or duvet covers, the company’s soft fabrics are all made with 100 percent organic cotton in a Fair Trade certified factory. Choose from crisp percale, smooth sateen, or stretchy jersey—however you most like to sleep! Pact doesn’t use harmful pesticides and fertilizers, so there is little to no water pollution or waste. (You can see more details on each product’s page!) .

Pact Sheets Review | “Coming back to order more and thought I’d leave a review on the set I ordered last year. These are by far my favorite sheet set in rotation. They have held up as my most used set and have only gotten softer with use. Buying more to add to our guest room now!” – Amanda (Read all reviews)

5. Sijo

Best For | Entire bedding sets
Organic Materials | OEKO-TEX certified materials, TENCEL™ Lyocell, French flax linen
Prices starting at | $95 for twin sheets

Sijo knows that temperature regulation is one of the primary concerns for so many sleepers out there, so they make it easy to ditch the night sweats with their sustainable, Airyweight eucalyptus sheet sets. Made from the pulp of FSC & PEFC-certified eucalyptus wood, the TENCEL™ Lyocell sheets are cool, soft, and moisture-wicking by nature, not to mention eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and naturally antimicrobial. We’ve snuggled up with Sijo and can vouch for their softness. The Tencel comforter manages to be both lightweight, soft, and also keeps us at that just-right temperature all night long.

Sijo Sheets Review | “The AiryWeight Eucalyptus sheets are the most wonderful sheets I’ve ever slept on! They are so soft, not slippery or shiny. I absolutely love these sheets. I haven’t had them very long & only washed them a few times, but so far, there is no piling.” – Beth H. (Read all reviews) 

6. Coyuchi

Best For | Nice colors & patterns
Organic Materials
| GOTS certified organic
Prices starting at | $168 for twin sheets

Coyuchi has the softest organic bedding that you’ll dream about (no pun intended) all day long. Organic cotton and linen are crafted into countless bedding designs, from the diamond-stitched comforter to African Ikat styles. Add a touch of comfort to your living room, too, with the classic blankets and throws. With styles for baby to teen to parents, Coyuchi bedding is safe for everyone. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $300 as well as free returns from this Fair Trade & MADE SAFE certified brand.

Coyuchi Sheets Review | “Textile dyes are a large contributor to water pollution, and these are the only undyed organic flannel sheets I’ve found. This company rocks for making this happen … I just got these but wow.. last night my feet were icy and after snuggling into bed, they warmed up almost instantly! Bliss!” – Katheryn (Read all reviews)

7. Quince

Best For | Affordability
Organic Materials | OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton, bamboo, linen
Prices starting at | $60 for twin sheets

If you’re looking for affordable organic cotton in finishes for every season, Quince is your one-stop shop. Deck your bed in cool and crips percale or cozy up in warm, soft flannel, both made from 100% certified organic cotton and free from harsh chemicals. Quince bedding is created using windmill-powered green energy and finished without the use of harsh pesticides, GMOs, or toxins (think formaldehyde– more common than you’d think!). Their bedding line also includes versatile washed linen or silky bamboo. Choose your set with or without the top sheet!

Quince Sheets Review | “This is my 4th purchase of the linen sheets – I absolutely love them! The quality and softness is absolutely lovely. I will continue purchasing from Quince and recommend them to others.” – Jamie Y. (Read all reviews)

8. The Citizenry

Best For | Linen sets
Organic Materials
| GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified organic Turkish cotton, sustainable stonewashed linen
Prices starting at | $239 for full sheets

Whenever we’re looking for dreamy, sustainable, and ethical bedding, we head to The Citizenry. From stonewashed French flax linen duvets to organic Turkish cotton bundles, you can find whatever you need for your best night’s sleep. All products are ethically made in partnerships with artisans and family-run mills around the world, where employees are paid more than double the average wage, and The Citizenry’s bedding is fair trade certified by World Fair Trade Organization. Enjoy free US shipping and free 30-day returns.

The Citizenry Sheets Review | “I absolutely love these sheets! My husband is a hot sleeper and these keep him much cooler than other linen and cotton sheets we’ve tried. They are so soft and cozy, and I know they will only get softer with time. 10/10!” – Linnea J. (Read all reviews)

9. Boll & Branch

Best For | Embroidered sheets & sets
Organic Materials
 | GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified organic
Prices starting at | $166 for twin sheets

Boll & Branch’s stunning sateen sheets will have you feeling both cozy and cool—we’d know because we reviewed Boll & Branch ourselves! The 100 percent organic cotton bedding feels like sleeping on a comfy cloud, and we love the embroidered and eyelet options here for added elegance. (Note from our team: While Boll and Branch receives our top marks for quality, somehow the colors always seem slightly off of the photos.) Boll & Branch was named the first-ever linen manufacturer to be fully Fair Trade Certified, and the packaging is FSC-certified recyclable. Free shipping, free returns, and a 30-night risk-free trial—what more could we ask for?

Boll & Branch Sheets Review | “Love these sheets. Keeps me cool and they really do get softer with every wash. The quality of Boll and Branch products is top notch. I have now ordered two sets and a quilt!” – Karen D. (Read all reviews)

10. Parachute

Best For | Mix-and-match sets
Organic Materials | GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified materials and organic cotton, RDS certified down, sustainable fill
Prices starting at | $ for twin sheets

Parachute is a TGT fave for sustainable, luxury comforts. Their conscious materials include organic cotton and natural linen, with a handy fabric guide on their site for finding the perfect finish for your desired sleep temperature. All Parachute bedding is made in a small, family-owned factory in northern Portugal, using time-honored cultural traditions with updated technology to create the most luxurious bedding that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Our founder went with parachute linen sheets for a recent upgrade and loves the soft hand-feel and gorgeous colorways.

Parachute Sheets Review | “The feeling of the fabric is luxurious and soft. The percale pillowcases improved my sleeping and the fitted sheet felt great on my skin. A great choice set!! Happy!” – Anonymous (Read all reviews)