10 Best Organic Meal Delivery Services For 2024

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Our team has tested and researched dozens of meal delivery services — these are our top picks for organic, healthy, and convenient prepared meals.

Meal delivery services are on the rise with new options seeming to pop up daily—and we get why! With our busy lives it can be tough to plan, shop, and prepare healthy and nutritious meals that we actually want to eat. That’s why we’re a big fan of organic meal delivery companies as they are easy, stress-free, and often can be more sustainable than shopping in-store! 

Why choose an organic meal delivery service?

In the past few years, organic meal delivery services have changed the way we think about home cooking—we can now cook healthy and organic meals while also limiting our food waste. Recent studies show that meal delivery kits have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than meals bought from a grocery store and prepared at home. The US Department of Agriculture estimates that 31 percent of food in America is thrown away, and more than two-thirds of that waste occurs in our kitchens. 

Organic meal delivery services also make it convenient to access a wide variety of pesticide-free and non-GMO foods that are nutritious, high quality, and sustainably-sourced—making cooking dinner at home that much easier. Many of the brands we have listed support small-scale organic farmers that are committed to sustainable farming practices, including regenerative agriculture and eco-friendly packaging and delivery. Getting deliveries from local farms also means fresher, healthier, and tastier produce!

These healthy and organic food delivery services are equipping our homes with pre-portioned ingredients to limit this waste while still getting our fruits and veggies in (some even have breakfast delivery!).

Our criteria:

Our team has tested, researched, and scoured thousands of customer reviews to select the best organic meal delivery services that service most areas. We update this list regularly with emerging favorites that meet the below criteria.

  • ORGANIC/HEALTHY | We’ve ensured each brand commits to using natural and organic high quality produce in their meal delivery kits, including ingredients that are free from synthetics and GMOs.
  • SUSTAINABLE SOURCING | Ingredients are sourced from local and regional farms to minimize carbon footprints and support local economies. 
  • MEAL KITS & PREPARED OPTIONS | We’ve included a variety of meal delivery services that offer both meal kits and prepared meals for a variety of dietary needs (including vegan, paleo, high protein, and whole30 to name a few)—helping you save time and effort.

These meal delivery companies simplify our shopping needs, while aligning with our ethics and environmental values. We also put together a list for organic baby food deliveries, if you’ve got a little one at home!

If you’d rather cook from scratch, check out the best organic produce delivery boxes (and upgrade your cookware while you’re at it!).

Best Overall | Best Vegan | Most Affordable

Best For | Plant-based, vegan meals
Ingredients | Vegan, non-GMO & organic when possible
Price | Starts at $14 per serving

Purple Carrot offers plant-powered meal kits and frozen meals that are delivered to your door in recyclable insulated boxes with nontoxic ice packs. The company offers tips on upcycling packaging and even suggests composting plant waste like banana peels and carrot shavings! Customize your food delivery options by selecting both the number of meals and servings you desire per week. Choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack meal kits or from an array of delicious prepped meals ready to go in two minutes. Meal kits include all of the necessary ingredients, labeled for easy use, plus a booklet filled with globally inspired recipes. Purple Carrot delivers anywhere in the contiguous US.

What Reviewers Say | “Purple Carrot gives me really delicious 100% plant based options that I NEVER would imagine trying to make on my own.” —Aly Raisman

Best For | Globally inspired, ready-to-eat meals
Ingredients | Gluten- & dairy-free, organic when possible, plant-based
Price | Starting at $12 per meal

For a subscription service that takes the work out of flavorful meals packed with superfoods, Thistle’s got you. With plant-based, nutrient-dense menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, wellness shots, and juices, you can get on with your busy life and know that nutrition is handled. They currently deliver to select locations on the east and west coast, delivering twice a week to guarantee freshness. If you’re excited about global flavors and superfoods (think maca, reishi, moringa) but not so into the idea of tracking down the ingredients, Thistle wants to hook you up. Can’t beat that!

What Reviewers Say | “Thistle is an excellent experience overall. We like or love most of the meals, the food is usually delicious, and I feel like it is healthier for us. It is so convenient to have the meals delivered right to our home, and the cost per meal is less than we would spend on takeout.” – Anonymous, Trustpilot [See all reviews]

Best For | Targeted nutrition programs
Ingredients | 100% organic, gluten- & dairy-free
Price | Starting at $31 per meal for a 2 day delivery; subscriptions available

For a plant-based, organic, nutrient-dense plan, Sakara’s got you covered. With a rotating weekly menu that can be purchased one time or on a subscription for a discount, you can choose a minimum of two meals for as little as two days, or choose from one of their longer-term options. There’s no question that this service is on the pricier side, but their supplements, vitamins, and wellness teas in addition to meals give you more bang for your buck. With plans targeting gut health, metabolism, and more, enjoy a science-backed, carefully designed meal plan that helps you meet your goals. Sakara ships nationwide.

What Reviewers Say | “​​Sakara has changed the way I relate to food, my body, my fitness, and my wellness, and has affected nearly every aspect of my life.” -Allegra L. [See all reviews]

Best For | Meals from local chefs
Ingredients | Real Food Certified ingredients, free of dairy, gluten & refined sugars
Price | Prices vary by meal and location

Territory delivers fresh, seasonally-based menus from local chefs, delivered twice weekly for ultimate freshness. It’s easy to customize to whatever your preferences and dietary needs might be, with vegetarian, Keto, paleo, and Whole30 (just to name a few!) plans available. Picky eaters welcome–rate your meal each week to help the service pre-slot suggestions for the next week (love that!). For an in-depth look, check out what our editor thinks about Territory with our review of their meal kits.

What Reviewers Say | “I’m glad I tried Territory—it even inspired me to try new recipes that I might not have otherwise sought out…next time I need extra support on eating my weekday lunches, Territory will be my first pick.” – Emily McGowan, Editorial Director at The Good Trade [See full review]

Best For | Lifestyle curated meal plans
Ingredients | USDA organic ingredients, plant-based, high protein, keto, gluten-free, calorie smart, mediterranean, gut & brain health
Price | Starts at $14 per serving

Green Chef specializes in delicious, chef-curated recipes that are made to match your lifestyle needs—with USDA organic foods in every box! If you have special dietary requirements (including gluten-free, plant-based, and gut health support), Green Chef will round up unique and flavorful meals each week that’ll satisfy your nutrition needs and taste buds! Recipes include blackened chicken with a creamy aji verde salad and baha cauliflower bowls (yum!). If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to selecting your meal preferences, the company will match you to a registered dietician for a complimentary nutrition coaching sesh. Green Chef offsets 100% of their plastic and delivery emissions, and ships to anywhere in the continental US. 

What Reviewers Say | “I had a few questions and she was able to quickly and clearly answer them for me. I feel more confident in placing my next week’s order that it will be perfect for my family!” – Holly [See all reviews]

Best For | Personalized recommendations; dual grocery & recipe service
Ingredients | All food is free of partially hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors & artificial preservatives
Price | Starts at $65 per delivery

Half-grocery store, half-meal delivery service, Hungryroot makes cooking convenient and delicious. After taking a quiz to help determine your taste buds, dietary needs, and more, Hungryroot creates a customized plan and fills your cart with suggested groceries and chef-crafted 10-minute recipes; they’re made with whole ingredients and are free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. The boxes are recyclable, the ice packs biodegradable, and if Hungryroot ever ends up with excess food stock, 100 percent is donated to local food banks. They deliver to the contiguous US. Sounds like a win for us all—and our bellies.

What Reviewers Say | “I get up at 5am for work and at the end of the day, I’m beat. I love having Hungryroot because it saves me a trip to the grocery store after work. We have just the right amount of ingredients for several meals per week, plus snacks, and the food is delicious. I look forward to our box every week and I’m grateful for the help. I don’t have the bandwidth to meal plan or prep, and now I don’t have to!” – Lisa C. [See all reviews]

Best For | Grass-fed, free-range & antibiotic-free meats
Ingredients | Fresh, never frozen foods, organically-sourced, grass-fed, free-range meat, vegan, whole-30, paleo, mediterranean
Price | Starts at $11 per meal

Save your time and energy with Fresh N Lean’s pre-packed and prepared meal delivery service. These doctor- and dietician-approved meals are USDA and FDA compliant and are made with fresh, never frozen, and organically-grown fruits, veggies, and meats–meaning you’ll find only the high quality ingredients in every meal. Fresh N Lean offers numerous meal plans to choose from that can sometimes be tough to find with a pre-made meal delivery service, including low carb vegan and paleo meals (also breakfast options too). No matter what meal plan you go with, Fresh N Lean sticks to using seasonal produce for optimal freshness and nutrition value. Boxes ship weekly across the contiguous US! 

What Reviewers Say | “From cold packed to my front door, it has been a wonderful experience.. Real people ready to help with questions or plans.. I was looking for fresh, Not frozen, convenience with choices & quality of meals that fit my dietary requirements. It’s a great concept. Waiting for the East Coast to get on board.” – Lori D. [See all reviews]

Best For | Luxury meal delivery service
Ingredients | Gluten-free ,dairy-free, sugar-free, cooked in avocado oil, vegan options, Michelin-quality rare produce
Price | Starts at $18 per meal

Methodology isn’t your typical meal delivery service. As co-founder Julie Nguyen describes it, “I wanted [to build] something for time-starved people who wanted to eat the highest quality ingredients in their yummiest form possible. But something that would never ever feel like deprivation or like a diet.” And thus, Methodology was born! These high-end pre-prepped meals are delivered in jars and can be whipped up in 5 minutes or less. Premium produce and ingredients like butterfly pea coconut rice, purple-stemmed mizuna, wild mushrooms and even ACV shots are some of the foods you’ll find in their weekly meal kits. Delivery is nationwide to the contiguous 48 states!

What Reviewers Say | “Methodology is a personal lifesaver for me during busy weeks. It allows me to focus on work without worrying about grabbing something to eat that’s usually unhealthy. I can whip up a meal in less than 5 minutes knowing i’m still prioritizing healthy food to keep me fueled all day!” -Dr. Tiffany Lester [See all reviews]

Best For | Delivery from local and family-run organic suppliers
Ingredients | 98% USDA organic, antibiotic & hormone free mats from family-run butchers, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, paleo, diabetes-friendly 
Price | Starts at $12 per serving 

Sunbasket makes eating healthy affordable, sustainable, and stress-free. With recipes like chile verde breakfast burritos, mini rosemary-potato pizzas, and Singapore-style curried shrimp, you can rest assured each meal is fun, flavorful and quick to whip up—we’re drooling just thinking about it! Besides their delicious menu, Sunbasket values clean and sustainable eating and makes it their priority to source premium, organic ingredients from local and vetted farmers, ranchers, and fisherman.  You’ll also be pleased to note that most packaging is either recyclable or compostable, and that Sunbasket gives back to non-profits like Second Harvest, to help provide healthy food to communities that need it the most. 

What Reviewers Say | “Everything was amazing. Produce is so fresh. Flavorful dishes without overpowering spice. Easy to understand recipes. Feels like we are eating out every night.” -Corinne M. [See all reviews]

Best For | UK meal delivery & recipe boxes
Ingredients | High in protein, no refined sugars, gluten- & dairy-free
Price | Starts at £7 per meal (for a four person family box)

Mindful Chef is a UK-based certified B Corp that offers gluten- and dairy-free meals designed by nutritionists. The team delivers precise ingredients—all local and ethically sourced—to promote zero food waste; plus, for every meal you enjoy, a school meal is donated to children in need. Choose from one, two, or four-person plans, the recipes you most want to try, and after delivery, enjoy a fresh meal in 30 minutes or less. Mindful Chef operates using a 0% food waste model by only ordering exactly what’s needed each week through their suppliers, and pre-portioning the exact amount of food required to make each meal. Shipping is carbon-neutral, as well. If you live in the UK, give Mindful Chef a go!

What Reviewers Say | “I love how fresh your ingredients are, the variety of recipes encourage us to try foods that we normally wouldn’t- just love it and highly recommend” – Jayne Evans [See all reviews]

A Bonus Option

Price | Starts at $60/month
Delivers To | Throughout the USA, where the shipment of wine directly to consumers is permitted
Best For | Natural, organic, & sustainable wine; personalized wine recs

For your organic wine fix to pair with your meal, check out Winc! Winc is a personalized online wine club that asks you a series of questions about your palate profile and lets you personalize your monthly wine deliveries—with wine sourced from organic and sustainable grape vineyards. The majority of wines have low sulfites or sugar, too. Winc’s “zero-waste” philosophy continuously looks for ways to decrease its carbon footprint through the grape-to-glass process. Sip a crisp Chardonnay or sustainable semi-sweet—there are thousands of wonderful wines to choose from.

What Reviewers Say |“We enjoy trying different wines but there are 1000s of labels out there. How do we know which wines are any good without doing tons of research? We found the solution. We let you do that for us! You have consistently delivered very good wines and have saved us a ton of time and money. That’s why we recommend you to others!” – Ted Kissane [See all reviews]

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